Add some pizzazz to your life!  In this episode, Esateys invites you to start thinking beyond where your mind has gone before.  She suggests you ask yourself open-ended questions and wait like an eager child for the answers to come.  Read and listen to ideas and information that stretch you beyond your usual thinking.  Be open to new possibilities!

Here are some examples for you to play with:

  • Those people who are sensitive to energy are aware of strong and increasing energetic influences on ourPicture of chalk drawing outside the box planet.  At times some feel like they are about to jump out of their body or they may feel as though things are very dense.  Whether we feel it or not, our bodies are doing their best to transmute these energetic shifts.  Sometimes we may have uncomfortable feelings as we go through these energies.
  • The earth is a living organism.  She has a breathing mechanism and energy centers just like us.  She too is evolving as she handles the energetic changes that are taking place.
  • The earth is going through an energetic birthing process to create another one of itself.  To better understand this, recall the scene in The Celestine Prophecy where the main characters could not be seen until they had a drop in their energy field.  Should their energy (or frequency) rise again, they would become invisible once more.  This birthing is something like that.
  • Ask yourself, “What if I stretch beyond my usual thinking and discover something amazing that no one ever thought of before, something that could help mankind?”
  • Each morning ask yourself, “What wonderful exciting experiences are going to show up for me today?”

Have fun with thinking outside of the box!  Come up with your own questions.  If you notice you are replaying old yukky thoughts over and over, interrupt them with a jazzy question that startles you out of that pattern.  Life can be so much more vibrant and exciting!

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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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