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The earth is a living organism. Just like humans, it has its own energy and chakra that goes around. Whatever changes that happen to it has an effect on us. We are experiencing a tremendous amount of energy that is very strong because the earth herself is going through so much. Take that sudden surge of heat that the earth exudes; we feel that too as an irritable sensation. This is a spiraling up of energy called Kundalini. Be in touch and learn more about that and allow it to change how you view your relationship with the earth. Get out of the box, stretch, and recognize the many things we must have awareness of.

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Out of the Box Thinking

I want to speak about some things that you may or may not have an awareness about. Part of it is about our Earth. Were you aware that the Earth in and of herself is a living organism? I used the word herself, but it’s not gender oriented. It is everything and all that is, but it’s a live organism that has an actual breathing mechanism to it. It has chakras or energy centers like humans do and like all of life does. Because of this, there are changes that are occurring within this living organism called earth that are affecting us. We are residing on and in Earth and because of that, we have experiences that are a result of our influence by the things that are happening with the great mother Earth.

There are a lot of different terms that are used, but it’s important to recognize that some of the things that you’re experiencing in your life have to do with other energy influences. We’ve spoken about many of them in other podcasts. I’d like to speak about this now because there are certain things that are occurring as there always are that are energetically oriented that you might find interesting. Right now, because of the way that we are in our evolutionary process or the way we’re at in our evolutionary process, we are experiencing a tremendous amount of energy that is very strong. I almost want to use the word violent. That’s not the word that I would like to use because it implies something negative. What it means is it’s very intense. It’s very dense and very powerful. It’s very forceful and because the energies are increasing in their intensity during these times that we’re at right now, it means that some things feel denser. It also means that we are experiencing them however it is that we experience them.

When the energies become very dense or very intense, what happens is it is flowing in a tremendous amount of light, a higher frequency. The body is experiencing it and transmuting that energy as best it can. Sometimes it is not easy for it to do that. What it will frequently do is shine the light on the areas that are a little bit stuck or a little bit slower-moving or seemed to be a lower vibration than others. We get pushed up and we’re expanding. It’s like blowing up a balloon. When you first get started, you have to blow hard and it gets really big. Then you stretch it right to the edge where you think it’s going to burst.

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Have you felt like you might burst lately? Have you felt like you’re at the edge of what it is you can tolerate physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? These things are happening for many people right now and that’s because the earth herself is going through so much. She is also evolving and expanding. The frequency of the planet itself is becoming higher and higher. There are proven studies that show that the hertz that the planet vibrates at is changing. It used to be a certain number and now it is faster than it used to be. That means that were affected by that as well. When you think about the Earth, do you think about her or him as a living organism that is also going through its own level of transformation?

I spoke about the chakras and the kundalini. Kundalini means energy that is frequently associated with a spiraling up the spinal column in a human. If you think about the Earth having a spiraling up or kundalini, which forces the awareness and the higher level of energy happening, the planet is expressing itself the way it best can. When it feels like it’s at the edge of its balloon going to burst situation, it will also express that sometimes with heat, with an intense energy. The kundalini is known as being a very hot energy because it intensifies everything. It’s like a conflict. It’s like rubbing two sticks together. When you rub two sticks together, it creates a heat and a volatility of energy. That then creates movement and can create literally a fire. That fire is a heat and heat is expressed.

When we look at the earth that is going through its own expression, that heat is now literally overflowing to many parts of the planet and everyone on it. If you’ve noticed that you’re more irritable, you’re more agitated, you’ve felt like you’re warmer than you have normally been, it’s because the kundalini of the earth is activated and alive. It is pressing on you to increase your frequency, which will activate your kundalini, which in humans is at the base of your spine. Many times, you may find that you have a backache. You may find energy running up your back through the middle of your spinal column up to the neck area where sometimes it gets a little bit congested. You might have neck aches or headaches and then out the top of your head.

When you recognize how the mechanism of this works, for many, it makes it a lot easier to deal with certain things. We don’t have to think we necessarily have a brain tumor just because we have a headache or that our entire hormone system is messed up because we’re having hot flashes. It might have something to do with that. The Kundalini can affect the hormone system in the physical body as well. As the Earth is going through her situation, it is affecting your situation. It’s also affecting other things on the planet. You may have read that the pyramids have been found to be very heated up. They’re finding that there is a great deal of heat in and underneath the pyramids and even some that are tangible where you can put your hand on the rocks. Those are hotter than they’ve ever been before.

They threw their seismic studies or however they do it. They’re finding that there is a lot of heat and the temperature is rising underneath the pyramids. There’s a lot of confusion and a lot of ideas about what is causing that. I’d like to give you a different perspective. One perspective is that if we recognize that the Earth is a living organism and has living organisms on and in her, then you realize that there are people, entities, energies that live inside the earth, the core of the Earth, and all the levels outward. These are areas where people, energies, species can live and in fact, they do. They have all of their own storylines going on just like you have yours going on. As they are being affected, they are also increasing the energy that they are feeling, that conflict, that rub, and that heat.

WUE 16 | Out Of The Box

Out Of The Box: Getting out of the box, stretching, and recognizing that there are more things than we have the conscious awareness of makes for an exciting way to live.


We have heat coming from the kundalini of the Earth. We have the heat coming from the energy from within Earth. It is affecting everything on top of and the outer appearance of the Earth. That means humans, plants, animals, pyramids, and everything else. There is a lot happening that is all simultaneously occurring. It’s like a macrocosm of the microcosm or the microcosm of the macrocosm. It means that it’s all interactive. It means that it’s all happening simultaneously and that everything is in perfect order. This is what happens when things change.

If we want to stretch our minds out a little bit further, we can look at the earth going through a birthing process, literally getting ready to create another one of itself. What that means in this birthing process is that we have the experience where there is another earth that has been born over time that will allow a different frequency to emerge than the one that is currently here. At that point, certain people that have certain energies that align with that will appear to live in a different dimension or a different earth type experience.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a physical response, especially at the beginning. The experience is that there’s an energetic change. It doesn’t mean all of the sudden, your children are going to disappear and end up on some other Earth or you’re going to disappear and end up somewhere else. That’s not what happens. What occurs is that there is a different frequency that is occurring and things that are seen in one area may not be seen in another. If you’ve ever watched the movie, The Celestine Prophecy, I encourage you to do it. This will make a little more sense there. They are literally in a field, but they can’t be seen.

There may be times when you may or may not be seen or someone else may or may not be seen. That is something that you would fade in and out of. I don’t want to get too complicated or too deep into this. I want to open up and stretch your mind a little bit. What if all the things you thought were real weren’t? What if all the things that you’ve thought in that little box of our precious little minds that we all have got burst open and there was something completely different to adventuresize with. That we’d move into the adventure of it and we expand into that just as a storyline.

It’s important to recognize that some of the things that you’re experiencing in your life have to do with energy influences. Click To Tweet

What if all of these different thoughts were happening in story space? What if all the things that we think about like, “That couldn’t happen,” what if they could? What if they did? What if there were things happening that you didn’t have an awareness of? What if you allowed yourself to think out of the box and beyond where it is that your mind normally goes? You don’t have to be attached to it. You don’t have to believe it. You don’t even have to think it’s true. Just like you watch a tremendously powerful, exciting movie, why not step back and observe this movie called life? Why not put yourself in a position where you start to just stretch your mind so far out of its comfort zone or so far out of its normal way of thinking that you become an amazing inventor, an imagination expert?

What if when you did that, you would discover things that would change this entire planet and the way everyone lived on it? What if because you stretched out of your box, you were able to find cures for diseases or you were able to find ways that people could get along in peace or you could find a way to be in perpetual joy? Getting out of the box, stretching and recognizing that there are so many more things than we have conscious awareness of makes for an exciting way to be able to live. You wake up and you go, “What’s the most exciting, out of the box thing I could imagine now?” When you live from that place, don’t you think you’d feel better? Don’t you feel excited when you go on an adventure and you don’t know what you’re going to discover, but you just do? What if every day, you lived with that adventure? What if every morning you woke up and you said, “I wonder what my adventure is now? I wonder how far out of my normal thinking I could go now to see what kind of miracles I could create for myself and for others?”

I invite you to take all these things that I have said that may seem a little bit out of your comfort zone, a little bit out of the box for you and go, “This could be exciting. How fun could this be? Maybe I’ll write a book about it. Maybe I’ll see what else can happen with me no longer thinking with rigid, structured, absolute, unwavering, strict belief systems. What if I got wild and crazy and out there?” This is an invitation to do that. This is an invitation to go beyond where it is that your mind knows to go. If you said that every night before you went to sleep, you’d find your life shifting. You’d find yourself entertaining things that are truly beyond where it is that your mind knows to go. Enjoy this moment. Enjoy the adventure. Take on the challenge. Until we connect again, feel a hug.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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