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Have you ever noticed that you are becoming more irritable, stressed, or even anxious? You may not even be able to sleep well or go through the day without feeling tired. That has to do with how the energies are affecting your body. There is a relationship between the physical body and energy that goes on in the earth. You may not notice that because too often, we tend to fall into terror or go into habits that drain us. However, if you put in that awareness, you’ll find that this energy is expanding our lives to make room for something better. You just have to realize how to take care of yourself better. Let Esateys show you the ways.

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How the New Energies Affect Your Body

The last time I spoke, I was speaking about energies that are coming onto the planet as they always are. We’re experiencing them however it is that we do. Now, I would like to address the physical body and the energies. The frequencies that we have on the planet right now are such that they are pressing and expanding literally every aspect of ourselves. That means that you may be having some physical experiences like emotionality. You may find increased grief. You may find that you are experiencing more irritation than usual. You may find yourself depressed. You may find that you literally are having aches and pains that you don’t know how to describe. You may find that your energy level is low or it may be high. You may find that you’re not sleeping well or you’re fitful in your sleep.

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You may even find that you’re having nightmares that you never have nightmares. You might find that you are busy in your thought processes and you can’t seem to shut your mind down. You may find yourself in a great deal of peace. The way that you personally experience the energy is individual to you. Some of it has to do with the frequency that you’re currently holding. Another thing it may have to do with is what it is that you are personally letting go of? What it is that you are reassessing, whether you want to keep it or whether you want to no longer have it in your repertoire of living? It can have a lot to do with how you are framing whatever it is that is going on. You might have one experience and if you go down the thought of, “My life is ending. Things are awful and I don’t know what’s going to happen,” and you get into some scary, negative place, then that’s going to also affect your body.

Your body is literally experiencing a physical shift. When the energy of the frequency becomes very intense, what happens is it creates an expansion. In that expansion, that frequency comes in. What it does is it either pulls up or will push on the lower frequency. It’s trying to clean it out and every cell is being experienced however it individually does. Every single cell has an emotional immune system, too. It has a physical immune system and is emotional. When your individual cells have whatever they have, the energy is going to come up and bring up old belief systems, old patterns, old thoughts, whatever is still stuck in there. When you realize that and you accept the process for what it is, then you don’t have to freak out and go down some road of terror.

Recognize it’s a great thing. What’s happening is you’re having a chance to clear out and make space for a higher frequency. For more light, for a better humor, for a life that feels better, more energy and experiencing yourself differently than you have in the past. The physical body also will be pushing up against some stresses. The stresses, because of this thing that I’m speaking about, will also sometimes cause some organs or some part of your body to feel more stressed. That means it’s important to sleep more and rest more. Go to bed earlier. Do your best to sleep without interruption. Have your bedroom be with as few lights as possible, as few electronics as possible. Turn your phone off at night. Make sure that you have an environment that feels peaceful.

In the ideal world, you don’t watch television before you sleep. If you do, do not watch anything that is stressful, anything that will get your heart beating fast, no thrillers, no murders, none of that thing. Even though you may intellectually think, “This is nothing,” what occurs is the body perceives it however it does and there’s a natural alignment to what you see on the screen. When that happens, you will have a subconscious reaction that will come from adrenaline rushing and other kinds of things occurring, which increases stress or conflict in the body. You may not even be consciously aware of that. That’s not a good environment ever, but it’s particularly un-fun thing for the body when you do it before you sleep because it’s all revved up. It feels protective. It doesn’t feel safe when it sleeps and your body wants to be safe. It wants to be relaxed. It wants to feel peaceful and it wants to feel loved. One of the most important things you can do is monitor what you think before you sleep.

WUE 02 | Physical Body And Energy

Physical Body And Energy: When the energy of the frequency becomes intense, what happens is it creates an expansion.


One of the things that many of you have probably heard me say before that I say every night is, “Take me beyond where it is that my mind knows to go.” I love this saying because what it does is it helps me keep from the recycled ignorance that our subconscious programming has that runs our lives pretty much is not going to be prevalent at night. When you’re taken beyond that programming, those concepts, and those beliefs, you can expand out and literally go to school at night and learn more powerful things to have an even better day when you wake up. The other thing that occurs when you sleep at night is you do have an opportunity sometimes to release things that have been bothering you. If you do have some things come up, you might have a dream and it doesn’t feel good, and that’s okay.

Acknowledge that that was a little dark spot caught in one of the cells and it came up. The key is that you don’t dwell on it. You don’t rehash it in your mind over and over again. Another thing that you can do before you sleep at night is to visualize what it is that you would love your life to be like. What is your dream? What is it that you would love to be doing? How would you like to be living your life? Think about that. Visualize that. Experience that as you’re going off to sleep. It gives your mind an adventure to go off and create that for you. It’s a powerful thing to do. When you learn how to monitor your thoughts, you will be supporting the physical body and be in a quieter state of alignment with itself, and that will help it feel safe.

Some of you may think, “What the heck? The body doesn’t think.” Yes, the body does think. It has a consciousness. It has awareness. In some factors and in some ways, it literally has a mind of its own. It has a collective thought process that comes, not just from the recycled programming that has been given, but it also is starting to create a thought process that is individual in and of itself. The body is learning how to be an individual that’s separate from everything else that you have ever known or thought of it is. The more astutely aware you are of the way your body functions and you treat it with such respect and such love, it will be able to come forward with supporting you and living the life that you truly love.

That means that we speak about what it is that you eat, how much you eat, and the frequency of the food that you eat. It also has to do with how you feel about your body. When you look in the mirror, are you feeling disgusted with yourself? Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you. I love this body?” When you take a shower, you could have one-on-one time with yourself. As you’re washing your feet and your legs, you could be saying to yourself, “I love this strong, healthy body. I’m grateful for how you have gotten me through this day, through this night, or through my life,” and you start recognizing all of the gifts that it has done.

Do you realize what it takes to function throughout the day and all of the different kinds of things that it must deal with as you are having all your thought processes, which are creating hormone responses in the body, the adrenaline, and the other neurotransmitters that are going on that have to do with your happy, sad, mad, or glad? The millions and trillions of processes that are going on to digest your food, to make the organs run, and to make your heart work, it’s so complex that it’s awesome.

If you took a moment and you recognize what goes on inside this body, you would literally fall to your knees in awe. You would wonder how anything magnificent could have been created. How could I sit here and judge it for doing the best job it can? What is it that I could do that would make my body’s job of getting me through life in the strongest and most uplifting way? What is it that I could do that would support it? The things that I’m speaking about are some of the things that you can do.

We come back to this energy, which is accelerating the personal expansion of the cellular body. That means that you can do things to help the process be easier. It means that you stay very present, you pay attention to what makes your body feel good, and what makes your body feel not so good. If your body isn’t feeling good by something that you’re thinking, feeling, saying, doing, and eating, then choose differently. You have that option. You’re an amazing, capable being. Stop thinking that you aren’t able to. “I can. It just happens.” You get an option about what it is you want to do. If you don’t have that passionate power, then listen to our program called AQ-DQ, Awareness Quotient, Desire Quotient. It’s a program.

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You can also look at yourself and ask yourself, “What would it take for me to feel more connected to myself? What would it take for me to feel more empowered? What would it take for me to bring up that will, that self-discipline, that commitment, and that follow through that will make my life be what my life would be?” Instead of just buckling down, falling on your knees, and saying, “I’m such a victim. I can’t do it,” get up. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and say, “What would it take for me to be empowered? What would it take for me to be so clear, so connected that I am treating my body with amazing love and respect?” This energy that is not only coming in strong right now and will continue to do so is a gift. It’s an empowerment phase. It’s a place where you are able to have an increased frequency, which is going to help you think more clearly. It’s going to make you sharper, faster, and more alive. It’s going to help you uncover your dreams, follow through, and create them.

This is the most magnificent time you could ever hope for. Stay awake in it. Be conscious. Support the expansion of yourself while you have this extra support. No matter when you’re reading this, the principles are the same. It doesn’t matter because evolution is a continuous, expansive experience. There isn’t anything that isn’t happening at any given time that isn’t always happening in any given time. Sometimes it may seem that it’s a little more profound than others, but it’s already happening.

I wanted to give you these little tidbits because I have been interacting with many of you who are having difficult times. The difficult times are perceptual-related. That means that it doesn’t have to be perceived as perceptually difficult. It could be perceived as, “This is the most awesome time of my life. Do you have any idea how incredibly gifted you are? How fortunate are you to be living in this most amazing, awesome, transformational time? We are literally birthing the new you. We are literally birthing a new planet, a new dimension. This is the most exciting time to be alive, ever.”

Contemplate that as you’re going to sleep at night. “I’m grateful that I’m alive at this time. Show me how to see this through the eyes of love, through the eyes of excitement, through the eyes of an adventure.” When you live from that place every moment of every day, you will absolutely adore your body, your life, your experiences, regardless of how you might have perceived it in the past. You will see them as amazing and awesome because that’s who you are. That’s what’s true about this moment, about your life, and about all of us as a collective and individually. Until we connect again, feel a hug. Wrap your arms around your body and hug yourself. When you take a shower, wash your face, put lotion on your body, or look in the mirror, say, “I am grateful for my amazing body. Thank you for creating such health, such joy, such love, and such absolute freedom.” Until we connect again, know that you are loved.

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