WUE 03 | Random Acts Of Compassion


During this time of transformation, many of us may feel a little lost from ourselves. This should not be a cause to worry as we continue to reach and reclaim that part of ourselves through compassion. When you notice you are feeling off, take that as a sign to be gentler with yourself. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can in the given situation. Don’t despair. Recognize that what your feeling is a way of the earth to bring you into awareness, to help you see the things beyond your pain. Then, you can stop resisting and allow it all to flow through you. Sooner or later, you can bring those in the dark to light through random acts of compassion.

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Random Acts Of Compassion

We’ve been speaking about the energy a lot lately. For those of you who haven’t read those past episodes observing the game called life and the one about your body, those are available for you. They are free. What I would like to speak about is the kinds of reactions that I am receiving. They’re input from many of you during this amazing time of transformation. There are many things that are going on with many people. With emotional instability going off quicker and more readily than usual, depression, aimlessness, lack of motivation, a sense of irritability, and frustration, some are having body issues of feeling aches and pains that are random and seem to float around their body. Others are experiencing real physical pain. A lot of abdominal issues, headaches, dizziness, spacy-ness. All of these things are happening at a high level.

That brings us to what it is that I’d like to speak about and that is compassion. As we go through this tumultuous time and we are experiencing many things happening on a physical, mental, emotional level, that we have an open heart of compassion, first with yourself. This means that when you notice that you are not being the person that you feel you are, that you be gentle with you, that you be kind, and that you are in a place of recognizing that you are doing the best you can in those moments. Sometimes some of these energies and some of these experiences are coming from a deep core per gene of things that are deeply embedded inside our cellular memories. That means that the energy and the light are very profound. What it does is it goes in and rings out those deep, dark places that we have not wanted to look at because we judge them. We shove them away.

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What would happen if you allowed it to come up and feel what you felt and experience what you experienced without resisting it? That you observed it and allowed yourself to do the best you could at the moment with it? Non-resistance allows for expedient shifts. Not that where you’re at is any less or any more than anywhere else you might be. Most of the time, we have thoughts that being in a place of discomfort is not as much fun as being in a place of comfort. Ultimately, there is only comfort available. There is only joy here available. Even in the pain, there is joy, although that is not usually perceived at the moment until you have the ability to recognize that. An example might be when I know for myself, I have had times where my gums might hurt. I’ll press on my gums hard and it hurts when I do that, but it hurts so well.

If you’ve ever had a mosquito bite, something that I have also done is I’ll put my fingernail in the middle of it and it hurts, but it makes the itching stop and it hurts so good. You may have had an experience that you can relate to around that. We’ll take that out to an even bigger viewpoint and recognize that even though you may appear to be in what you would label pain, in reality, there’s a part of you that is clear that it has joined the adventure and the experience of what it is that you are experiencing. Deep in your core, you know that it isn’t real. In your personality, you can always remind yourself that it’s temporary. That lack of resistance will allow it to flow through you as an experience. Checkmark, got that, and move on.

WUE 03 | Random Acts Of Compassion

Random Acts Of Compassion: Allowing yourself to experience whatever it is that you are experiencing is the most powerful thing that you can do.


When you do this, it will allow the energy to slip by smoothly. It is the resistance that causes the real pain. In allowing yourself to experience whatever it is that you are experiencing is going to be the most powerful thing that you can do. For those of you who find it virtually impossible to be there with it, because the knee-jerk resistance is there or the pain becomes more than you are seemingly able to tolerate, you can do certain things that will allow you to shift that. One of the things is you can ask the question, “What’s great about this that I haven’t seen yet? What will it take for me to see this from a different perspective?” I spoke about some of these things in the other episodes. For those of you who perhaps didn’t read them, I’m briefly going over them.

I also want to support you in recognizing that when you are compassionate for yourself, your body feels safer. There’s a relaxation that occurs. When there is relaxation, then you will find less pain. Less resistance means less pain, less struggle. When that occurs, you will be able to see the things that come your way from a different perspective because resistance also lowers your vibration. It means that you don’t see things from such a positive place. When you are feeling relaxed, comfortable, and non-resistive, you have a more macro view. You already have the ability to see things from a perspective that is not the same as when you’re feeling victimized. That is going to help you feel better in whatever it is that is occurring.

We have to come back to remembering that this is the game called life. It’s happening. When we allow ourselves to be compassionate as we are recognizing these things and becoming aware and more awake in this game, we will find that it will be a lot more fun to be in until you reach the place where it is always fun, regardless of what you’re going through. Even when you’re in pain, you have the ability to recognize that it is a joyful experience. Some of you are still probably shaking your head going, “You’ve got to be kidding me?” Yet you will see that there will be a day when that will occur.

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I also would like to speak about being compassionate to others. You’re going to find other people who are going through this who are not going to necessarily be as aware or awake as you are. This is where you come into play and hold a gentle, open-hearted experience inside yourself that allows you to diminish and ideally eliminate judgments that may or may not be easy for you. Usually we have difficulty letting other people experience what they’re experiencing. It’s because we think that what they’re experiencing is less than what we think we ought to see them experience. We think that what they’re doing is being weak or unable to get it together, have their program be the way you think it ought to be. That isn’t going to help them, nor is it going to help you.

What can open your heart and allow more peace inside of you? You notice that I keep on bringing it back to you because this is about your joys, about your peace. This is about you feeling great inside yourself. Everyone else is giving you an opportunity to do that. How you view others, how compassionate, and how loving you are with someone else as they’re going through their difficult times is going to have a direct impact on how you experienced your own moment.

There is a saying that many of you have heard me say before, “Energy never leaves its source.” That means that if you are kind and loving to someone else when they’re going through their difficult times, you will also notice that that energy comes back and you will feel more peaceful and better inside yourself. If you’re resistive, you’re judging, and you’re throwing things out at them. Not only does that impact them, but primarily, it’s going to come back and make you feel resistive because resistive energy creates resistive energy. Kind energy creates kind energy. Compassionate energy creates compassionate energy.

Every single emotion, every single word, everything in life has a certain vibratory frequency or signature to it. When you recognize that energy doesn’t leave its source and what goes out has a certain frequency, like a boomerang, it will bring back to you something that matches that frequency. You’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction in the game, that’s a real thing. When you recognize that what it is that you’re feeling, not necessarily what you’re saying or even what you’re doing, but what your feeling is where the real core of the energetic value becomes most prevalent. That’s what it is that you’ll draw back to yourself.

WUE 03 | Random Acts Of Compassion

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

Some of you may know a person by the name of Lynn Grabhorn. She was a good friend of mine. She wrote a book Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. In that book, she spoke about how the Law of Attraction works. After she died, she put me down as a reference point for people to go to after she left. When I had people contact me, they’d say, “I am saying all the right things. I’m doing all the right things, but my life is still not working right.” I’ll tell them, “What’s underlying that? What is behind the words that you’re speaking? What’s behind the action that you’re in the midst of? How do you feel about it? Are you doing your best to fake it until you make it?” I’m not saying that’s not an okay thing to do. I’m letting you know that when you look deeper, you’re going to find out why you’re experiencing what it is you’re experiencing because the core feeling is where the core energy emanates from.

It’s important to be authentic. Be real with yourself. Be compassionate with yourself. Wherever you are is where you are. The more you judge yourself, the more you are creating that energy that will come back to you again as the same frequency that judgment has. That isn’t necessarily going to bring you the results that I’m pretty sure you want to experience. You have the ability to move forward in life by being present, by being aware. When you have that pure, compassionate, loving, kind way of being with yourself and with others, your life is going to feel a lot better. Sometimes this is difficult. What happens is when we see somebody doing something that we don’t think is as good as we think it ought to be, it’s because they’re triggering something inside of ourselves that we think isn’t okay. Therefore, we are ultimately judging ourselves, but they’re showing us the judgment that we have.

If there’s a weakness that you perceive in someone else, it’s because you can’t stand the weakness inside of you. If there are kindness and love that you’re feeling towards someone, you’re acknowledging and loving that inside yourself. When you are wanting the best for everyone, for anyone that’s in your life, even if it looks like you’ve been working hard and you haven’t gotten it, that opens up more for you to have available for you. These are important pointers, important things for you to be aware of.

During this time, with this energy being intense, it is easy to go off the deep end with your judgments, your anger, your frustration, and your projection of how it is that you think that person should change so you can feel better. It doesn’t matter if they’re the ones that seem like they’re the perpetrator. If you’re the one who’s noticing that they’re doing something and then you’re attacking them back because they’re not being the way you want, that’s because they’re triggering something inside of you. The triggers go back and forth between each other and what occurs is no one wins. It creates more of that. The cycle must be broken. You must wake up into that moment, be present in that moment, and choose differently.

When you do, by using questions as an interrupt or being with the energy until it moves through or doing the process of saying to yourself, “This isn’t real. It’s a game. I call my energy back from this,” whatever it is that you find to be effective for yourself at that moment, use it. Continuously stay aware. Stay observant of what it is that’s going on. When you can find yourself having compassionate, open-hearted kindness with everyone, including yourself, then you’re going to find that your life will be much smoother. This is the time that you can practice this more profoundly than ever before.

We’ve all heard the term random acts of kindness. Random acts of compassion can be along the same lines. You can challenge yourself and say, “What is it that I can do now? What five things can I do now that will be outrageously kind and compassionate? How present can I be when somebody says something that doesn’t look like what I would like to hear, and still say, ‘I’m just choosing the love here.’” When you take active participation in the life and you direct yourself towards what it is that you would like it to be, you are then becoming a master and the architect of the new you, the real you.

You’re pulling forth the real you out of the closet. That makes life completely different. You can bring yourself back to the point of recognizing that you have the ability to choose what it is that you think, and that brings us to something that you could say to yourself, “What do I choose to think right now? How do I choose to direct my thoughts right here at this moment?” Ask yourself that question. Step back a bit and ask yourself the question, “How do I choose to feel right now? How do I choose to direct my feeling nature right now?”

You can do this with what it is that you would like to think. You can also do it with what it is you’d like to feel. What happens when you do that is you become more connected to the moment. You become a master of the moment. You are no longer a victim of the programs and the recycled ignorance that had been perhaps running your life prior to this moment. That brings joy and ease to every area of your life. It also creates joy and ease for other people. This is something to contemplate. I recommend that you read this again and again until you’re practicing the art of compassion, the art of kindness, the art of being pure with yourself in each moment. If you find yourself in a place where you feel nasty, raggy, pissy, then be at the highest level you can. Go into the deepest depression you can and embrace it at the highest level that you can.

As you do that, it will also move you through it. One thing I would recommend if you choose this is to not use that anger, that frustration, or that judgment by projecting it on others. Stay with it inside yourself and notice where that feeling is in your body. Is your stomach gurgling? Is your chest tight? Are you clenching your teeth? Be aware that your physicality is responding to what you’re feeling at all times. Go into your body and recognize that and become the observer of that, rather than taking what it is that you’ve got going inside yourself and saying to another person, “You made me do this. I feel this because of whatever.” Be conscious of that. Be very aware and keep on owning with full responsibility, “I know this is a game. I’m feeling these feelings and I’m doing the best I can with them at this moment.” When you live from that astuteness, you will find that your life becomes much easier to be with. You will flow through everything, all of life, much more powerfully and much more quickly.

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Take a moment and give yourself a hug. Give yourself an opportunity to feel loving and compassionate with yourself. Know that you are incredibly awesome and you are zooming through these transitory times much more profoundly than you have any idea. What you probably haven’t thought about is 99.9% of the planet doesn’t even have a clue of what’s going on. It doesn’t have the awareness that you have right now. It doesn’t have the gift of listening to words like this to help bring them into this moment.

You have this moment to be grateful and I encourage you to do that. I encourage you to live in gratitude and be grateful for who you are, what you have, and how awake and aware you are in this moment. If you feel so drawn, share those with everybody that you possibly can. That they too have an opportunity to wake up to their own grandness and their own capability to perceive life how it is that they would like to perceive it. Choose their thoughts the way they would like to choose them. Feel like it is that they would like to feel. When that occurs, true mastery, true joy, and true peace emerges. It all begins with the gratitude, the kindness, and the compassion for what it is that you see occurring in each moment of each day.


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