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When stress happens, it is going to produce an outcome. Fortunately, that outcome is all on you. What you make of the things that occur will affect the way you go through your day, relationships, or life in general. It might be easier to engage in conflict when we face stress, but we all know how this can be detrimental to everything around us. Instead, think of stress and conflict as an opportunity to create something new that will propel us to become our better selves.

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Your Relationship with Stress & Conflict

Let’s talk about stress. Let’s talk about conflict. Let’s talk about the rub. It’s a basis for life. When we have anything going on in our lives, it is acquired through two or more things rubbing together to create something as an outcome. We can take something as simple as rubbing two sticks together to create fire. You can use the example of going to the gym and pushing against weight so your muscles will expand. The basis of conflict, stress, and the rub are all going to create an outcome. What you have the opportunity to do is determine how you’re going to perceive the outcome and what it is that is occurring. Let’s speak about this on a day-to-day basis. We wake up in the morning and have a thought go through our mind that something is supposed to be a certain way and we recognize suddenly that it isn’t.

I’ll give you a personal example. I taped this recording and because of some technical difficulties, it did not get saved correctly or whatever happened had happened. Right when I was getting ready to go out to an appointment, I was informed of this. I have to stop and do this, which means that other things I was intending on doing were not going to be accomplished. At that moment, I got an opportunity to determine how I’m going to deal with the rub. One option is to be stressed, to blame, be victimized and all of these other kinds of things. These slots go through the mind for some and for some they become very attached to them. Other times, you just notice and acknowledge them and do not do anything with them. When it comes to the rub, when it comes to conflict, you recognize that it’s a gift.

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The gift gives us a training ground. It gives us an opportunity to determine what it is that we want to do with that specific rub. We keep in mind that it is growing us and it’s expanding us, then what we know is it is always a gift. We live in a stressful environment. There isn’t anything that is going to occur that does not rub up against each other. That purpose is to give us an opportunity to create something new. Think of stress as the opportunity to create something new. Think of stress and conflict as an opportunity to determine how it is that you choose to perceive or frame what it is that’s going on. The bottom line is that stress or conflict is about movement. It is the basis of life. It is going to create more of something.

When you think about that for a minute, you recognize that your expansiveness, your growth on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level is occurring because of the stress, because of the conflict. To get to non-resistive living, which is where joy can be found and where absolute freedom is found, then it means that when stress comes up, you become the observer of it. It means that you give yourself the opportunity to feel what’s there. When stress comes up, we have a hormone response occur in our body. If you’re very sensitive in your body, you can feel the rush of the hormones being released into your body. There will be some circumstances where that just doesn’t happen because it’s not a sensitive part for you and other times it will be.

Regardless of what the trigger, the conflict, the stress, whatever word you would like to use there happens, you pay attention to yourself, what it is that’s going on. With that recognition, you get to determine how you’re going to be with it. My highest suggestion is that you observe it. Let it be there. When you do that, it will just flitter by. If we come back to the experience that I had, what I thought were some very important things that I needed to accomplish were not going to get done. I had to take a breath and sit down for a moment. I thought, ͞”How am I going to handle this?͟” I realized that for me to sit down and just speak ͞”off the cuff͟” because I do not use notes, I don’t have any idea about what I’m going to say, but I do need to be in a relaxed state, so I can access and allow information to come through me.

WUE 05 | Stress And Conflict

Stress And Conflict: Stress is part of life. When you recognize that stress and conflict is going to continually occur and work your way to master it, then it can be very powerful.


When I’m tensed or stressed, that doesn’t occur. I observed that and went to the breath. I walked out, sat at my computer and started looking at other things. I looked at an email, I did things, and shifted the focus away from the mind wanting to do something with it. I didn’t resist it. I allow those thoughts to be there. Then less than ten minutes later, I was able to come in here, sit down, and speak with you. This is a real live example of what happens when we have situations occur. What I want you to hear is that stress is a part of life. It’s absolutely something that is going to occur. When you recognize and master your ability to deal with stress, you are going to find that is going to be very powerful.

Every day will be very powerful. Every experience will be very powerful. When you recognize that it is a gift and it’s something that you do not need to push against, but rather allow to occur, you’ll start to see a bigger picture. You’ll have a macro view and recognize, ͞It’s growing me. It’s growing me in this way or that way.͟ Many times, we don’t even see the gift of what it is that’s occurring until it’s way over, until it’s after the fact. I don’t remember exactly what it is that I spoke to you about in this recording previously. All I know is that whatever it is that I’m speaking now is what it is that was important for you to hear and what was important for me to say. Based on that, I let it go and move forward towards what is here in this moment right here, right now, which brings us to be very present. When you’re very present, then stress is going to be able to be experienced and it is gone. It passes through.

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That has to do with physical pain. It has to do with mental and emotional pain. It has to do with every kind of conflict that we have. If you are clear and honest with yourself, you’ll notice that your pain and your suffering is always coming from resistance. Resistance equates to stress. Stress equates to the body being in a state of constriction. When the body’s in a state of constriction, it lowers your immune system and it does many things that are not in your highest and best for your joy factor.

I encourage you to be with what it is that’s going on. I invite you to write a list of things you consider stressful in your life and then ask yourself, ͞What’s great about this that I’m not seeing?͟ Don’t try to figure it out. Be open to thoughts and circumstances that show up as you keep yourself in that open place and allow the movement with new awareness and new opportunities to come along. Take this little nugget and expand it into something powerful that will change your life forever. It’s here for you. Until next time, feel a hug.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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