Stress, conflict or “the rub” as I like to call it, is all around us. I call it “the rub” because when two or more things are rubbing together it causes resistance and where there is resistance there is stress.

You have the ability to change the outcome of that stress, to perceive it in a different light.

I recorded this episode yesterday and when I woke up this morning I found out that through some technical difficulties it didn’t record. I knew I needed to re-record the show but I had a full schedule. It could have added stress to my day. However, you can choose how to perceive the event. You choose to be mad or victimized and then become attached to the negative. Or, you choose to Observe the event, take a breath and move on.

I chose to feel it and let it go. It was a gift.

We live in a high stress environment.  You can think of stress as an opportunity to grow and create something new. Frame stress and conflict as a gift for which you are growing spiritually and cognitively. Stress creates movement and movement is the basis of life.

Non Resistant Life is where True Joy is found. Pay attention to which conflicts affect you negatively and let them go. Shift your focus away from the negative. If you just Observe it, which Allows it, you will become relaxed much faster.

Stress is a part of life and once you master stress you will live a more Peaceful, Joyful and Wonderful life.

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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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