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There is a relationship between stress and health. How you deal with the former affects the entire being of the latter. The way you perceive certain stressors in your life influences the way your body works. Negatively reacting to things could make your heart tighten or you could even feel pain. Harmful stress lowers your immune system. It could make you susceptible to illness. This is why framing how you look at what’s surrounding you is important. Your body and health depends on it.

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Dealing With Harmful Stress On The Body

I would like to speak about your relationship with stress and your health. I know there are seemingly a million trillion things on the internet about this. In these few moments that we have together, I’d like you to be focused with me because there’s something incredibly important that is happening in your body every day, every moment, every second. I’ve spoken before about how stress does affect our lives and it’s an important factor. That conflict level, that rub is what creates the fire of life, the movement, the expansion. It’s an important thing to have around and it’s going to be there whether we like it or not. How we are with stress has everything to do with your happy, sad, mad or glad. It also has to do with your relationship with your health and your attitude. It has to do with your relationship with your siblings, your children, your spouse, and everyone else.

For that matter, this relationship that you have with conflict/stress means that you have something very important in front of you. Your body is at effect of what it is that you’re thinking about. How you are perceiving of what it is that’s going on in your life is going to create hormone responses in your body that are going to give you certain reactions, that are going to make you feel certain ways. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it that closely. It is very important for you to recognize that how you are framing things has everything to do with whether your body is having an increased heart rate, whether you’re having hormones increased or decreased, whether you’re in fight or flight, whether you are able to perceive something from a perceptual reality that is clear and absolutely uplifting or whether you are just feeling so down and out that you can’t see anything great about anything.

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All of these factors are intertwining together, creating a relationship. When we grow up, we learn how to frame things or how to react to things or how to respond to things according frequently to how our parents had their lives, being how they were with it. If they’re highly reactive and hyper about things and lots of trauma and drama going on, then you are more likely prone to be experiencing that kind of reaction yourself. Recognize that, be where it is you are. There’s no judgment about that, but right now you have an opportunity to change and shift the way you be with what it is that’s occurring in your life. Your body and health depend on it. Your relationship with every part of your life depends upon it and because of that, you have an opportunity to come up with some ways that you can deal with it differently.

The very first and most obvious thing is the way you frame it. Notice how you react to certain things in life and notice how you respond. React means that knee-jerk reaction. That’s just what’s going to happen right now, no matter what. The other way is to respond, which means that it’s like, ͞I take a breath, I can be with this.͟ For some people it’s like counting from one to ten, breathing into what it is that you are wanting to tighten up and constrict about. That constriction is a stress level that is occurring at a physical level and that physical level is then causing all kinds of trauma drama inside the cellular mass.

This body of yours is becoming stressed, which lowers your immune system, which lowers your overall energy level. It lowers your ability to frame and see things from a terrific attitude. You have an opportunity now to step into the moment and choose for yourself what it is that you would like to do with what it is that’s going on. Some of the ways that you can do that is by asking yourself some of my
favorite questions which are, what’s great about this that I haven’t seen yet? Where is it that I can perceive this from a completely different viewpoint? I know that there is something that has been made available to me. I wonder what that is.

WUE 06 | Harmful Stress

Harmful Stress: You have the opportunity to change and shift the way you are with what it is that’s occurring in your life.


When you stay in a state of curiosity, you are not in a state of resistance. When you are not in a state of resistance, you are allowing yourself to relax the physical body. When the body is relaxed, it isn’t in a state of non-stress. I call that that non-resistive living. When you’re in that state, that means your immune system is pumped up with very graceful kinds of flowing hormones and energies and reactions that allow your body to be stronger and more supportive of whatever it is that you’re going through. It is important for you to recognize that every attitude you have, every perception you have, everything that you think about is causing your body to respond in a certain way. Over time, your body will be healthier or it will be less healthy.

It will have a stronger immune system or a lower immune system depending upon how resistive you are to what you were calling stress or conflict. You have the ability to look at how it is that you would like to see it. You can look at that and take a deep breath. Breathe in through the count of five, out to the count of five very slowly. You can write down in a journal about what it is that’s going on with you and know your feelings and just get it out. Start asking questions about it. They can be open-ended questions, you never want to use yes or no questions, but open-ended questions. You can also use what if questions like, what if what was happening right now is the best thing that could ever happen? Even though I can’t see it, you might be saying in the back of your mind. What if what was happening right now is going to change my life for the most positive ever? What if I sat here and I was with the energy that I have in my body? What if I was with this stress factor and noticing that my stomach is tight and my throat is tight and whatever is happening on a physical level? You just be with the physical reaction without any reaction with the mind thought. You just be. You have many things that you can do. If you would like to know more about this work, you can go to www.UltimateRelationshipAcademy.com.

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I have many opportunities for you to learn more about how you can become the master of your life, the master of your mindset. How you can change and be with every relationship in your life in a completely different way than you ever have before, which will allow you a greater sense of peace, joy and absolute freedom. Those are the things that you have available to you. We start with these very small incremental things because the mind is best able to hand these little nuggets one at a time. Take these blogs, read them many times over, and become a master of each one of them. You will notice over time that your life becomes a magnificent opportunity for complete peace, total joy, pure connection, radical results, and absolute freedom. Until next time, feel a hug.

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