WUE 67 | Achieving Dreams


Are your dreams passing you by? Have you ever thought about a genius idea, like cutting off the hems of your pantyhose so you can roll it up your leg and feel sexier? Have you kept this secret trick to yourself for ten whole years, only to discover years later that just recently, the woman who created Spandex used the exact same idea and is now a billionaire? This is the conundrum that my friend found herself in, as revealed in a recent conversation. Now, what if my friend had taken that thought and done something with it?

How many dreams have you had that you’ve thought to yourself, I can’t really afford to make that happen, I don’t know how to manifest it, it seems to be complicated? Whatever it is that the little mind is telling you, this is the way we sabotage ourselves. Always be willing to create the vacuum so your dreams can be fulfilled. It’s time to let go of anything that’s keeping you from where it is that you would really want to be.

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Are Your Dreams Passing You By

What am I doing? I’m here to ask you, “Are your dreams passing you by?” I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we were talking about different inventions and different things that we’ve thought of that we never followed through on. One of the things that she shared was that for ten years or more, she had cut the bottom part of her panty hose off that we’re firming to the legs and she would wear them like that because she wanted to be able to wear sandals and it would make it work up on the legs but not on the feet. She was dumbfounded when she found out that a woman created Spanx. It’s a thing that makes you stay more in place when you’re not in place or it makes you more firm even when you’re not as firm as you would like to be. She has it for men and women and guess what? She’s a billionaire. She is living a really wonderful life and she’s helped so many people feel better about themselves.

What if my friend had taken that thought and done something with it? Was she before this other person? It appears that she definitely was. My question for you is how many things have you thought that you’ve not followed through with? How many dreams have you had that you thought to yourself, “I can’t really afford that. I can’t really make that happen. I don’t know how to have this occur. It seems too complicated.” Whatever it is that the little mind is telling you. This is the way we sabotage ourselves.

It’s just fascinating to watch ourselves and the things that we do because we’re brilliant. We’re really, really smart. We get these ideas and these things go through our minds that touch our heart and could touch millions of people, but do we follow through? Most of the time we don’t because we don’t think that it’s going to flow easily. We usually will say to ourselves, “I can’t do that. I don’t have the expertise. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I don’t know how to get an inventor’s license or a patent,” all of those things.

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Stop it. Stop that. Stop that right now. If you feel something really strong inside of yourself, then go do it. Take action. How many intentions have you set that you haven’t followed through with? That might be something to consider. If you look at the intentions that you make but you don’t follow through with, not only is that intention something that’s taking you step–by-step to a dream coming true and not only that, it allows you to increase your self-esteem and your motivation when you do follow through with your intentions. There are outcomes that are far more impressive when you really do have a thought and you feel the feeling and you follow through with it. When you don’t, there’s a part of us that feels like, “I can’t,” or “I couldn’t,” or “No wonder,” and so we stay small. We don’t really put ourselves in a position where we are feeling empowered and alive and really connected to life.

We do not express and be-all that we’re capable of being. The question to ask yourself is, “What’s holding you back?” Yes, you specifically. What’s your story? What’s your own personal programming that’s keeping you small or completely ineffective in ways that you would like to be? What excuses do you have, what programming has created you just going around and around in this same old comfort zone even though it feels like hell? That’s a piece that is really important to look at. Your thoughts and your intentions when they are powerfully clear and you feel it in your heart and your soul, then that’s the time to go forward and take a breath and let it come to. Let it organically open up and come to you rather than feel like you have to do something that is spontaneous or overwhelmingly, hysterically pushing you.

It’s not about that, but it is about taking step by step and following through and fulfilling what it is that you say that you want. This is in all of the areas of our lives and it’s a fun thing to look at when you look at the things that you say that you want and then how far do you go to make it happen? Do you stop like a quarter of the way or halfway or three quarters of the way? It gets too hard and we get confused and we think of always the reasons that we just can’t go on. We’re not finishing things that we set an intention to create a very, very low vibration because we don’t feel good about ourselves. I’ll tell you what, I’ve been working with thousands of people for a lot of years and the number one thing that goes on with them is they don’t really trust or believe in themselves. They don’t know they’re loved and they don’t know that they’re lovable.

WUE 67 | Achieving Dreams

Achieving Dreams: It is about taking step by step and following through and fulfilling what it is that you say that you want

Their empowerment level, their confidence level is pretty darn low depending upon the person. What does that do? It keeps us squelched. It keeps us from really living the complete capabilities that we have within ourselves. That’s what’s important to recognize. There is so much more of you. There are dreams that want to really come out of you, so think big. The only box you are living in is the one that you made up.

Stop, break free from the box and for awhile you might be a little bit blown out. That’s okay, be blown out and watch what occurs. I heard something when I was listening to a book and she was talking about raising your prices for the work that you do. What she said was that when you raise your prices, be prepared because 25% of the people that you’ve been working with will probably fall away.

“What’s great about that is that creates the vacuum so the people that you really want to work with come into your life.” Think about that. That can have to do with your friends. It can have to do with your business. It can have to do with every single part of your life. Be willing to create the vacuum so your dreams can be fulfilled. Be willing to let go of anything that’s keeping you from where it is that you would really like to be. I would like to support you in being really empowered, really alive with your life and what it is that you’re committed to.

Think about that. Write down what it is that your dreams are, your intentions are, and then ask yourself, “How bad do I want it on a scale of one to ten?” If you’re anywhere like an eight, nine, or ten, then you write out what it is you’re going to do and you start taking those steps and you follow through and you get an accountable person or a coach or someone like me. Somebody that will help you fulfill those areas when you get maybe a little bit iffy on, being able to hold the intention strong enough to go through. You have a lot to do.

Let me know what’s happened because I love when you post. I love when you share. I love when you comment. Continue to do that. It really helps me know and if there are certain things that you’d like me to speak about, write them in there. I read every one of your posts and your comments. They are important to me and I love connecting with you that way. The second thing I’d like to ask you to do is go to my website, Esateys.com, and check it out because it’s a new site and based on that new site, there are lots of fun things for you to acquire including free stuff. Go there. My last thing for you is, “What if I allowed myself to follow my dreams?” Another version of that is, “What would it take for me to follow my dreams?” I want to encourage you to never let anything or anyone ever, ever, ever stand in the way of what your heart and your desire is really calling forth from within you to give to the world. Until next time, feel a hug.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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