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Forget the doctor, get a pet. Holding an animal and petting them and snuggling with them is a very sweet and relaxing experience. Guess what’s happening in your body at that moment? Oxytocin is being produced and secreted. The hormone oxytocin gets secreted when we are feeling good senses of nurturing. It helps increase our happiness. It helps with our mental acuity. It helps us feel better inside of ourselves. It can also help with inflammation, headaches, and cramps. It gives that sense of nurturing so we don’t feel alone or lonely and produces amazing healing qualities in us as humans. Learn more about how you can make your pet closer and connected to you and contemplate whether this is something that’s important in your life.

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Forget The Doctor, Get A Pet

I’m speaking about something that is so exciting to me. I’m an animal person. I have Moxi Man, he’s a Papillon, one of the smartest small-breed dogs that there are. We’re going to speak about, Forget the Doctor, Get a Pet. I’m going to tell you a little story. I’m going to tell you about the health benefits of animals. I’m going to speak about what happens energetically with animals. I’m going to speak about what it does mentally and how it actually affects your hormones. As I go through this, you probably are very possibly going to learn a lot. You’ll be able to contemplate whether this is something that’s important for you in your life or if you already have one, how you can make your pet more close and connected to you. K-oo is a Schnauzer, that is a sister to K-Keela. Ever since K-oo was a tiny puppy he did not enjoy being in a pack. Even our family is a pack but I mean a pack of dogs. We usually had around four. I was a breeder for over 30 years and I haven’t been doing that for quite some time but I still am very involved in animals and especially dogs.

What occurred with K-oo was he was just okay. He wasn’t excited and happy. I knew it was because he has more special attention. He didn’t like being low-man on the totem pole. He didn’t like the feeling of being experienced is just like one of the guys. I felt selfishly that I wanted him to stay with us and I also felt that maybe he would be better somewhere else. After a couple of years, I finally said, “I need to surrender and do what’s best for him.” What I did is I actually found some people that were looking for a dog. They live in Olympia a couple of hours away and they said, “We think the dog is too small. It doesn’t sound like a fit to us.” I had such a deep intuition that he would love being there. That I said, “Would you just be willing to come down and see him? If he doesn’t fit then that’s great but give it a shot. I think you’re going to see that even though he’s smaller,” because he was a toy Schnauzer and he only weighed eight or nine pounds. “There was something special about him.” They came down, and they had called me on their way down, “We don’t let our dogs be in the bed or on the furniture. We’re pretty strict about how we do.” I said, “As long as you’re kind and loving to him and you feed him and take good care of him, then that will be fine. He doesn’t have to be in your bed.” They get here. They sat down on the couch. K-oo was in their lap, he was looking at their face and he was so excited to see them.

WUE 84 | Get A Pet

Get A Pet: Unconditionality is something that many people strive for. Animals have it. They have learned for the most part how to just love unconditionally.

Short story, they took him home. What did they do? They started sending me pictures. This dog is wearing clothes. He is in a place where he has his own room. He has the specialist and he is king of the kingdom. He is so happy and everybody knows him in the neighborhood because he is just a really happy dog. They’re sending me pictures every few months. After they’d had him for maybe a year and a half or two years or something like that, I got an email and they said, “We’re sorry to say that my husband and I are getting divorced.” She said that they separated but they had such difficulty with who was going to get the dog, that they could not stay separated. He moved back home and based on that they started working through the things that were going on in their relationship. They ended up getting back together and having a great relationship. They attributed the success of their marriage to K-oo. It was such an example of how animals can heal.

One of the things that most people don’t know or some people don’t know is what the health benefits are. Many of you have seen KaJai-a on my Facebook page. KaJai-a is a Lowchen. He has gotten his championship and four shows and he did great things. We’ve been showing in performance. Performance means that we do obedience and rally. He’s done nose work and tri-balls. There are so many things you can do with pets. It’s just amazing. One of the things that I have experienced with KaJai-a is one of the things that’s very, very powerful about animals. When you are holding an animal and you’re petting them, you are snuggling with them right now he’s under these hot lights and then we’ll know how much he wants to snuggle. Frequently what he does is he gets in my lap and he puts his head up on my shoulder and he just snuggles in and he hugs me. In doing so it is very relaxing. I pet him, his hair is soft and it’s a sweet experience.

What’s happening in my body? Oxytocin is being produced and excreted at that moment. The hormone oxytocin is something that happens when we are feeling good senses of nurturing. A couple of things happened. Oxytocin helps increase our happiness. At any rate, what it does is it helps with our mental acuity. It actually helps us feel better inside of ourselves. It can help with inflammation. It helps with headaches, cramps, it helps that sense of nurturing so we don’t feel alone or lonely and it produces amazing healing qualities in us as humans. Just being with a pet, and it doesn’t have to be a dog. It can be a cat. It could be a Llama, it can be a horse. It doesn’t really matter what it is. It’s the sense of that sense of connection that’s really powerful. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone that is secreted when you have an animal and you have a beautiful relationship with them. The other thing that has been proven through research is that the animals will lower your blood pressure. It will lower your triglycerides. It actually lowers your pulse rate and it helps decrease the stress level in your body amazingly. You know that has to be true because they have all of these therapy animals that go into the hospitals all the time. What do they do? They quiet the people down. They give people hope. That helps you feel better when you’ve got something that’s loving unconditionally.

Unconditionality is something that many people strive for. Animals have it. They have learned for the most part how to just love unconditionally. What could we learn from our animals? We could learn that when we are in a situation that is not necessarily fun, that we have ability to actually learn how to be very forgiving. Have you ever noticed how forgiving animals are? It’s pretty amazing. TaShon is our veteran puppy. TaShon is fourteen pounds. KaJai-a is fourteen pounds as well. My little puppy Moxi is about six pounds. TaShon here is a Labradoodle and he came all the way from Australia. That’s where he came when he was nine weeks old and he is now fourteen. He has sired many beautiful babies. He also has a degree in beginner novice and rally novice. He didn’t start even studying so to speak. He didn’t start going to school. She was thirteen. Don’t you ever believe that an old dog can’t learn new tricks. He is good and he’s fourteen years old. He’s also non-shedding like KaJai-a. He’s very smart and in most incredibly loving dog you could ever imagine.

The cats, the dogs, the dolphins, the horses, the llamas, all of animals are showing us that we have the ability to connect with them and notice how they work and how unconditional they can help us be. How they can teach us to stress down, and whether we can really decide and we can also be in a place where we can be healing ourselves through the healing of our animals. They help you with personal growth. If you decide that you want an animal or even with the animal that you have, you could go into taking them to some classes because you may find that it’s scary for you to do that. How strong would it be for you to get out there and be with your pets and an environment where you get to meet new people? It is a great way to meet people. For those of you that are sitting around thinking, “I wish I knew more people.” Let me tell you that it’s really powerful.

WUE 84 | Get A Pet

Get A Pet: Animals are showing us that we have the ability to connect with them and notice how they work and how unconditional they can help us be.

In fact, someone that I met who I love dearly, her name is Anew and she came to us and ended up getting three or four labradoodles. She has turned out to be one of my best friends after ten or eleven or twelve or more years. We do retreats in California several times a year down at her house and that all came through the interaction of dogs. In fact, it was a labradoodle that she was so excited about. You can find deep friends, you can find personal growth. You can find everything you’re looking for in your life to help you be happier, more joyful person. Consider an animal, whatever kind you’re most drawn to and see how it works for you and your personal life because there’s something just special. It truly is God’s gift. It’s no accident that dog spelled backwards is God, and that means something to me. Anyway, for those of you that are young and thinking about having a baby, but on some part of your level that she’s probably not the right timing, get a puppy. I coach people all the time, I say, “If you want to have a baby, get a puppy. If you pass that test, then you can consider a child. Because a puppy is like having a child.”

Think about the unconditionality that comes with your pet and don’t get an animal if you’re not ready for the responsibility because they are like your children and they deserve that caring, gentle love that they will constantly give you. You will never feel alone when you’re connected to your pets. Here’s your question. How would an animal enrich my life? How might an animal enrich my life? That’s what we have and I invite you to share this with others that love animals and those that might be feeling lonely or desiring to have more happening in their life from a heart space as well as a healing space. Thanks everyone for being here.

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