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Have you ever tried to sell steak to a vegetarian? That will probably kill you. We are all going through the process of selling. We’re always trying to convince or telling somebody about something we’re very excited about. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with your children or with your partner or whether you are in your business. What you need to realize is it’s all about passion. People always want something they have a tremendous amount of passion about. You have to realize where that person is coming from. You have to stop thinking about what you want for them, rather think about what it is and learn how to sell what it is that they desire. It’s going to make a very big difference because when someone has a need, it becomes a lot more powerful for them and they will be listening.

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How to Sell Steaks To A Vegetarian

Have you ever tried to sell a steak to a vegetarian? I’m going to speak about that and how you can actually do that. You may think that this has to do with sales, it does have to do with sales. Don’t forget that you are selling every moment of every day. You’re trying to sell your children on why they should do something. You’re trying to convince your partner, which is selling them on what it is that you want. We’re all going through the process of selling. It’s always comical when people say, “I don’t like selling. I don’t want to have anything to do with selling it. I don’t want anybody to sell me.” What’s important to realize is we are always selling. We’re always trying to convince somebody. Maybe if we’re not convincing, the least that we’re doing is we’re telling about something that we’re very excited about. Have you ever been with a child in a store or watch somebody with a child that has an absolute passion to have this stuff toy and the kid is screaming and yelling, “I have to have it,” like he’s going to die. Then the mother is embarrassed and she’s thinking the kid is going to die if he doesn’t shut his mouth. The bottom line is that kid has focus and desire what he wants. He thinks he needs it.

What about somebody who you might want something that they don’t need and you’re trying to go, “You need it. You have to have it.” Have you ever noticed what it’s like when they are in a place where they are absolutely not interested? Have you ever wondered why that is and have you ever tried to put yourself in a position where you’re trying to go against the flow? Most people do it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with your children and your partners or whether you are in your business and you’re doing it with the people that you’re trying to sell, convince, talk into. Maybe if you were thinking about it, you would change that all around and say, “I just want to educate them.” In sales with business, it’s a lot easier to do. When you have that screaming four-year old, he’s not so interested in the logical facts of why it doesn’t work to have a stuff toy, not going to listen to you. As a result, you have to be thinking about what it is that you’re going to do with that child. Let’s take away all of those specifics and let’s just look at something.

What’s the pattern here? It’s passion. When somebody wants something or want something, what do they do? They have tremendous amount of passion about what they believe in. What’s important for you to realize is where is that person? Where is it that they’re coming from? If you stop and stop thinking about what you want for them, rather you’re thinking about what it is that they’re desiring, and then it’s going to make a very big difference. Let’s think about this. Do they have a passion for what it is that you have to offer? Do they have a desire to have what it is that they want or do they have a need for what it is that you have to offer? Because that is a key piece. When someone has a need, it becomes a lot more powerful for them. They have a listening that they might otherwise not have. I’m going to give you an example. Many years ago, I was a lot of things when it comes to diet. I was a Vegan. I only ate what grew above the ground for a whole year. I was a vegetarian of various different types for at least ten years.

During that time, I was very adamant about why it was that I was a vegetarian. I just felt like I didn’t want the energy of heavy foods. That was my belief system and that’s cool and I think vegetarianism is awesome for those that are vegetarians. For me, I had a very strong desire to be a vegetarian, but my body wasn’t thinking that was such a great idea. I couldn’t figure out why I was very, very tired and I literally no energy. I went to this Chinese doctor and as I’m walking in, he doesn’t even speak English and he says to me, “You must eat meat.” I said, “Wait, I don’t want to eat meat. I don’t think I’m going to eat meat.” He showed me all my blood tests and what was going on. My body was anemic. I was not in a strong way in many areas. My body needed some proteins and some meat in my particular constitution that was necessary for me to have it. What that I have, I had a need, so as a result that need was something that I suddenly was able to hear because I knew I wasn’t feeling very good.

The short story is we negotiated a little bit and we ended up agreeing that I would eat poultry and I would eat fish and I was sold and it was important. What I got sold is when after about two times of eating it, which was only twice a week for a while, I realized that I felt energy. I felt what it was that I needed. The point of this is that when you find a need with someone, you’re going to find that there are going to be very willing to hear what it is you have to say. Think about who it is that you’re speaking. Think about their need to think about their desire and you can find out. Ask them on a scale of one to ten, how much do you feel like you need this? This can be with personal things as well because when sometimes we have a desire for something we may not have a need. We might realize that the timing isn’t right, and other times it’s like, “I don’t need it, I just want it.” At least there’s clarity about that.

When you are speaking with people, then ask them where they’re at, “On a scale of one to ten, what is your need? On a scale of one to ten, what’s your desire? On a scale of one to ten, what’s your passion for that?” When you’re clear about that, that’s going to help how to work with them, how to speak to them, how to educate them because everything about selling is about education. If you change your headset to realizing that you’re just strictly giving people education and give them the option and the freedom to choose, “I think this is great. No, I don’t think this is so great,” then you get to stop trying to make people be what you would like them to be. Not that that activates our control issues or anything, but for some it does. Therefore, you can take a look and see where is it that you are playing in this whole scenario. Are you trying to shove meat down a vegetarian’s throat or are you trying to help them see that something is necessary for them? I want you to know I’m not trying to get anybody to convert from a vegetarian to being a meat-eater. I’m only using this as an example because I went through this myself.

If the need isn’t fulfilled and the desire isn’t strong and the passion isn’t there, there are 7.347 billion people on the planet, I’m pretty sure you’ll find somebody else going to fit into your category. There are over 321 million I believe in the United States. You probably need that many, so don’t beat your head against the wall. Don’t try to make people be where you want them to be. Educate them, give them the options and if they’re a yes, after they’re fully educated, yippee. If they’re a no, go, “Yay, I’m glad you’re clear about what it is that you desire, what you want and what you need.” Move on. If you try to beat the dead horse as they say, you’re not going to find yourself in a place where you feel good. They’re not going to feel good and you won’t have to join the no friends left club because that’s what a lot of people feel like. I want to ask you to please share this with someone that might be in a position where they could understand what it is that we’re speaking about here and how it might support their lives to share this video.

WUE 85 | How To Sell

How To Sell: Don’t try to make people be where you want them to be. Educate them, give them the options.

Thank you for sharing and making comments. I loved all the stuff that you were writing about the pets and about when I had my great day. I want to leave you with the question for the day. What would it take for me to allow everyone to be who it is that they are and experience what it is that they truly desire, love and want to experience on every level? What would it take for me to allow everyone to have what it is that they want, what they need, and what they desire? Bottom line is that when you allow yourself to be in their shoes, you’re going to find that you will become a better friend and your sales will expand. Your kids will listen better and might even give you what you want. What do you know husbands? Your wives just might be there providing you with what you want before you even have to ask. Have the most awesome day of your life so far. Until then, thank you so much. Go to the website, check out what’s happening, www.Esateys.com.


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