WUE 09 | Act Of Surrendering


There is this negative association with the word “surrender.” People sometimes take it as giving up or accepting something that is not okay. In actuality, the act of surrendering could actually be positive. We face a lot of difficulties every day and we might beat ourselves up by continually fighting and resisting. You must realize that sometimes, surrendering with what is is the best thing to do. Allow yourself to observe and be with certain things because life has its own way of making us realize that what we think of is good for us is actually not.

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Surrender Leads To A Joyous Life

I was thinking about surrender. For many years, I would struggle trying to figure out what does surrender mean. Does it mean that I give up, lay down, and seemingly be a doormat? Does it mean that I don’t allow myself to have any desires of my own? What does it mean? Internally, what would go on for me at those times was it felt like I had to give something up. It felt like I had to accept something that wasn’t okay with me. It felt unclear and not all that much fun. As I was contemplating that, I thought to myself, “There are a lot of people right now that I know on a personal level who are having many challenges.” They, themselves, or people that they know and love are very ill or have died unexpectedly. A lot of these people are not even that old. Including myself, I found out that a friend of ours from when we were doing some things in another city unexpectedly died. She was in her 40s.

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The bottom line to all of this is that there are a lot of things occurring every day in our lives. I don’t like to keep harping on the fact that the energy is very intense and all these things are happening because they always are. What are we going to do? How are we going to be with what’s going on? When I think about surrender and what I know about it is that it is allowing ourselves to just be with what is. It’s not something that you technically do. It’s not that you fight it when something doesn’t look like the way you picture it in your life. It doesn’t mean that you try to change it. It doesn’t mean that you try to fix it. It doesn’t mean that you resist it. It means that you allow yourself to observe it and be with it.

Breathe into it, if you want to do something. Be the best incredible observer that you possibly can about and with the circumstance. If you’d like to surrender, then notice where it is in your body that you’re feeling the resistance that you most likely are thinking or feeling. When you do that and you put attention to observing the feeling, the sensation, then what occurs is that there’s no resistance to it. Therefore, it dissolves away. On our planet, in your life, in everyone’s life ,there are things going on. There are many circumstances that are occurring and there’s a part of us that is feeling, at least from the people that I’ve spoken to, pressed up against the wall in many areas.

Some of you, maybe not so much, and either way it’s not good, bad, right, better or worse, it’s life. It’s life as it is happening. The real key to being in joy, the real key to allowing yourself to know what surrender is which allows us to experience what it is that we’re truly desiring, which is basically for most people peace, is feeling good. It’s looking like there are things that are going on that are disrupting our good humor or what it is that we think we want. Surrender has to do with recognizing that our pictures about the way we want our life to be is not always in our best interest. Our pictures are coming from what I called recycled ignorance. They’re coming from programs and beliefs that we feel are going to bring us to more pleasure, that are going to bring us circumstances that we will like better than the ones that we currently have.

WUE 09 | Act Of Surrendering

Act Of Surrendering: Surrender has to do with recognizing how our pictures about the way we want our life to be are not always in our best interest.


Internally, we have a drive that is constantly allowing us to experience as many things as we possibly can. The little rub here comes in that says, “I’m experiencing this, but I don’t like this. I don’t want this. This doesn’t look like my pictures.” Yet rarely does anyone stop to consider that, “Maybe this isn’t going to bring me in the bigger picture of what it is that I would enjoy,” which is ultimately a sense of peace and connection internally. When you are noticing that you are resisting, you are judging, and you are disallowing yourself to be with what is, you’re going to notice that there’s more tension, more pain, and more suffering. That’s when the art of surrender comes in, the ability to just let it be. From my own personal experience, this is not so easy because we are wired strongly to move away from pain yet it’s the perception of pain that’s causing the issue.

Rarely is it true pain. It’s a sensation in our body that we assign a meaning to, which usually has an emotional component. How we determine what it is that we think that word means determines how we be with the circumstances. Somebody can have a circumstance come into their lives that they consider challenging and someone else will go, “This is so cool. What a great opportunity for me.” It all depends on how you’re going to frame it. What is your wiring? What’s the program you have running about what’s going on in your life? Just for fun, think about something that you have in your life that might be difficult for you to accept, that you don’t like what’s happening. Investigate and observe why you think that’s so, what is it that’s causing that resistance and notice how you have it framed.

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My support to you is one of two things. The first thing is to reframe it so you see it from a different perspective, which is one thing that you can do. The other is to observe that you have an interesting perspective about something, you feel a sensation in your body that you have labeled as not fun. With the awareness of that and putting your attention to that and breathing into it, is going to allow it to move into something else because life is always happening. We’re experiencing life and all of that we are experiencing are appearances that you are getting to perceive in whatever way it is that you choose to. Think about that because when you surrender, all you’re doing is saying, “This is happening.” You are withdrawing from the judgment and the resistance from it. With that, you will find that it will slide right on by and something else will occur, a new experience and a new “feeling” will show up.

Try it. It’s what it is that makes a very significant difference in every area of your life. Perhaps you want to re-read this. I know that I’ve said many different things, most of which for some people will be difficult for them to grasp or do because it means that you have to relax into what you perceive as pain. It means that you relax into what you consider resistance. It means that you surrender to what is without feeling like you are going to control or make any difference in what it is that’s happening. The lack of resistance, the surrender to it will change everything. Until next time, feel a hug.


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