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As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have a lot of network marketing and sometimes your will find yourself in a state of enthusiasm and passion but when you share it with your friends, they don’t seem to have that same level of excitement that you have. Instead of trying to get anything from anyone, be an information agent. Instead of controlling other people and other circumstances to feel good, look inside and see and have that shift internally. Start creating relationships and that’s when you will become more connected, powerful and achieve the results that you truly desire.

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Why I Would Never Do Network Marketing Again

I’m going to speak about something that some of you probably know a little bit about, some of you may know a lot about, and some of you may go, “What is that?” The name of this little talk is, “Why I Said I Would Never, Ever Do Network Marketing Again.”

First of all, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Since I was trained in medicine and things that looked like a JOB, Just Over Broke, I followed the rules of what everybody else did but there’s that part of me that wanted to say, “I want to do my own thing and I want to make my own level of life be what it was that I wanted.” I didn’t want to be limited in how much money I could make. I wanted the freedom of the time to be able to do what I wanted when I want it. Don’t get me wrong, I love medicine and I’m still licensed in medicine, but it’s a whole another world working in what I call a regular job than working for yourself. When you work for yourself and you’re an entrepreneur, that means there’s nobody to blame. It means that there’s nobody that you can speak to when something doesn’t go right for the most part because you’re the boss, you’re the creator, you’re the everything.

WUE 92 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: When you work for yourself and you’re an entrepreneur, that means there’s nobody to blame.

Entrepreneurism is something that is for a certain head-set and a certain personality. Then you take that another step and you talk about network marketing, relationship marketing, direct sales, or whatever words people want to make up to sugar-coat it a little bit. You get another whole experience going on. Way back in the ‘70s or ‘80s I thought, “I want to try that and see,” so I got in and I thought it was cool. I had so many different products throughout the years that are truly great products, many of them I still use today, but what would happen? I’d go out with so much enthusiasm and so much passion and I would tell all my friends about it, and I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t as excited as I was.

A few times, because I’ve been in and out of several of them throughout the years along with my regular job but then what I was doing is wanting to supplement and see if I could get off the track a little bit and get to where I wanted to be as far as entrepreneurism, I’d get a few people in and then all the sudden I was in the NFL club. That means No Friends Left. I didn’t know who to speak to, and I didn’t want people coming at me like, “Here she comes again.” Do you know that feeling that you may have had? You may have spoken to people and they are in a place where you feel like they’re taking the south road. They want to go somewhere else because they think you’re going to hit them up again? This was not very much fun for me, and I didn’t like the fact that I felt like I had to always be after people.

Do you know what I’ve learned finally? It’s up here. It’s what I was thinking, it’s how I was framing it. I realized I never worked the business. I never even framed it as a business. I framed it as something where I was going to go out and get people. I was going to go out and make things happen with other people, and I was going to try to control other people and other circumstances so I could feel good. I had to get clear and honest with myself when I realized that I expect things to magically happen. I never had the shift internally to where I knew that this was a true business.

When I made that shift, which didn’t happen all that long ago, I started recognizing that I had to do everything to create a business. I had to virtually have a business plan, for lack of a better term. I had to decide how many hours I was going to work, I had to decide that I was going to do the training that were there for me. I wasn’t going to wing it, I wasn’t going to try to do it my own way, I wasn’t going to try to reinvent the wheel. That meant that I had to get my attitude in order because I had a few judgments about the way some things were happening and the way certain companies did certain things. “I surely knew better than them,” talk about arrogance.

What I learned lately is that when I follow the program, when I follow what works, when I do what is out there for me to do, follow the training, follow the regimen, follow the system, do everything as it is suggested which is proven, then it works. It’s fun. My whole life now is about creating relationships. What I say every morning when I wake up is, “Who am I going to love on today?” What that means is that I am enjoying creating relationships with people. I’m not trying to get anything from anyone anymore. I am here to be an information agent. In other words, I tell people what I’m excited about, because I think about it.

When I go to a movie, I’m the first to run off and tell everybody about a movie. If I find something, a book I read or something, I share that with everyone. Don’t you do the same thing? If what I’m saying is resonating with you, make some comments about this, because I’ll bet that there’s a part of you that has felt one side or the other of what it is that I’m speaking about because if you’re an entrepreneur, you realize that you have to be the marketer. You have to be the creator, you have to be the follow through-er, the appointment maker, and you’ve got to be the one that closes the sale. It’s a powerful position to be in, but it means that you have to have some traits that will support you in having what it is that you truly are desiring to have as a result.

One of the things that I want to encourage you to do is think about what is it that you want. Would you like that freedom? Are you willing to be a student, a teacher, a leader, financially-free, time-free, and do the things that you want to do in your life? Do you want to be at home and spend time with your family? Do you want to be with people that are motivated, they’re on fire, they enjoy what it is they do, they’re changing the world, they’re helping people become independent financially and every other area? Do you want to be around people that are committed to changing the world with whatever it is that they’re doing? The truth is there’s tremendous amount of product out there that is great and there are a lot of companies that are great. The key is you have to look inside and see and have that shift internally.

Honestly, I was walking around and I was in a place where I felt that’s a little bit below me. I hate to admit that, but it was the truth. It was like a secondary thing. Now it’s like, “I’m making a difference in people’s lives.” I have a paper that I would love to send you, a little something about the whole entrepreneurial network marketing to where you can stand up and be proud to say, “I’m a network professional,” or whatever it is that you want to do if you’re looking for the kinds of things that I’m speaking about. Private message me and I’ll shoot that off to you. It will be something that will be very supportive for you even if you vaguely thought about taking on a whole new level of you. I speak to this as self-development with a paycheck, because this is all about your mindset, it’s all about your fears, it’s all about your resistances, it’s all about everything that’s kept you from everything else in your life that you’ve wanted.

It’s not about network marketing, it’s not about a product, it’s not about anything except us looking at what we have going on. When we use this as a tool to become connected to ourselves, be powerful, free, committed, and done with the fear thing then everything changes. I’ve had that shift and I am excited to share that with you. I’m going to talk more about entrepreneurialism over the next few sessions and I am ready to help you find that freedom that you want, regardless of what that looks like. If you’d like to know more about working with an incredibly powerful coaching, being, consulting, whatever kind of team, then private message me about that and I’ll tell you a little bit more. Please comment and tell me, “Have you ever tried network marketing?”

WUE 92 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: It’s not about network marketing, it’s not about a product, it’s not about anything except us looking at what we have going on.

Comment and let me know if you have a little bit of old-fashioned stuff about it. In that same post, put in there, “Are you ready to shift that? Are you ready to break free of old belief systems and programs and ideas?” I’d love to know what it is that’s going on with you because I’m willing to bet that some of you that will post will be exactly where it was that I have been at other times myself. Please comment and please share this with anybody that you know is thinking about being an entrepreneur or somebody who’s had a bad day with network marketing, because there’s another whole side to life that I didn’t give a chance to until I found out what it is about and what it means.

I’m looking forward to seeing those comments down there and I’m looking forward to getting those private messages about connecting with me about it. Also, this free paper that I have will give you some uplifting ideas about it. Until next time, I’m going to give you this question, because the truth is that all of this is about fear. You can ask yourself, “What would it take for me to be free of my fears?” It could be about any kind of your fear, anything. I’m looking forward to connecting and I’m looking forward to next time. Until then, feel the hug.

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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

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