WUE 093 | Eclipse Meaning

On August 21st, we have a witnessed a once in a lifetime phenomenon, the lunar eclipse. When that moon and that sun get next to each other and block out that sun, it goes from light to dark. If you think about it, it’s like life. You’ll have a phenomenon that will happen in your life and that will transform you. You will never be the same person again. To achieve the complete transformation that you desire during this time, it’s important to reflect, be patient to yourself and have that awareness of where you are and where you want to go.

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The Deeper Meaning Of The Eclipse

I’m going to speak about the eclipse that’s about to happen on August 21st, and it is going to be something that is quite phenomenal. I’m sure you all know that this event is something that hasn’t happened for 99 years, and the world is prepared. I don’t know if it’s truly prepared but some towns that have 6,000 people in them, now are expecting 150,000 people in them here in Oregon. There was a 30-mile stoppage of traffic, people coming from California into Oregon. I know that this is like this in many places. They’re out of gasoline in towns already, they’re telling you to have three days’ worth of water and food and the ability to stay in your car for three days because of the traffic if that happens. People have taken this on at a big level, and there’s a good reason for that. This is a phenomenal event. It’s something that we will not see ever again in this lifetime, and therefore it’s something that people, they love getting excited about stuff anyway, but this is significant in many ways and that’s what I’m going to speak about.

First of all, think about this. We live in a world that’s very rhythmic. It’s very dependable. The sun comes up, it goes down. The moon goes around and around, and the sun goes around and around, and the waves break. Everything happens, the seasons, everything has a pattern, it has a rhythm to it, and there is this real sense of comfort and security when we have these rhythms. We count on things. When we have something like what’s about to happen, it disrupts everything. In fact, in my mind, I’ve named this “The Disrupter,” because in the middle of the day it’s suddenly going to be dark, depending upon where you are. In 100%, it will be much dark, you will be able to see the stars. You will be able to hear birds start singing, animals which I’m going to talk about can become very disoriented, even wild animals. This is something that is occurring, and it is occurring in a way that is touching every single part of our lives.

WUE 093 | Eclipse Meaning

Eclipse Meaning: Everything happens, the seasons, everything has a pattern, it has a rhythm to it, and there is this real sense of comfort and security when we have these rhythms.

Our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies are really doing things right now that are being affected. It is creating a disorientation for many people and many animals already. My dogs are wigging out every day, and the technology is also being bizarre. In fact, Rafael is having a big issue with getting the computer to work. My computer had to be fixed up because it went bananas and Rafael’s went crazy, and so there’s just so many different things that are going on in every area. This is to be understood because the electromagnetic frequencies of what is occurring is shifting everything. It’s creating something different and it’s already affecting what it is that’s going on because there is a buffer zone, like an aura. It comes around us, it moves down here and follows a pathway, but there are areas over on either side that are also being affected. There’s a pre-cursor and we’re in that pre-cursor phase right now.

This dimensional change that is occurring has already been affecting us. In fact, for me, I’ve been writing the year 2018 almost every single day for about five days. What it tells me is I’m flipping already without a timeframe. It’s like there’s a snap, there’s a shift in the time that we are living in versus where we will seemingly accelerate to. I can tell that I’m living in two places as once. That might be a little out there for you, but I’m telling you that for me, it’s been very significantly affecting my life.

In addition to that, I’ve had a lot of physical stuff going on and I’ve been speaking to people that are having the same thing. Maybe not exactly the same, but here’s some of the things that people are reporting to me. Crying for no reason or unfounded grief, having the experience of pain in the joints that’s more than usual, having the experience of having a sense of cramping, some people are getting cramps or restless leg syndrome, which usually means that you do not have enough trace minerals so just be aware of that. Cramps is usual calcium and magnesium. I’m not diagnosing here; I’m just telling you what my own personal experience is.

The other thing that’s happened is my blood pressure, which is usually low, has been really low. My Helo who notifies me when I have abnormal anything out of range has been notifying me for three days now telling me my blood pressure is extremely low. It’s 88/47 and I usually have between 100, 105 or maybe 98, but this is low. I feel fine in that regard, but something is touching me. Sometimes my heart rate is at 125, and usually it’s in the 40s. The bottom line is there are all kinds of erratic behavior that’s going on with me.

I spoke with someone and she said that she’ll be moving along and all of a sudden she burst out in tears. I spoke with somebody else also that is very light headed, dizzy, very weak, not feeling like themselves, and even went to the doctor. Just be aware that many things that are happening. If you’ve got anything weird going on, not that you shouldn’t go to the doctor, but just know that there are possibly some effects that are going on because of the energy. It’s very mish-mashy right now and it’s very incongruent because everything is being stirred up. What I think of this eclipse and what’s occurring, it’s the disruptor. Everything is being smacked around. All the puzzle pieces are being thrown into the sky. That means that your life is doing the same thing. That means your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your spiritual body, everything is going to a new level.

Let’s talk about the mental body. The mental body is a place where you might be thinking, “I don’t like this. I’m pissy. I am not feeling like my normal self. I feel confused, I feel disoriented, I’m not with it.” That may be going on for you for the time anyway, happens to me occasionally, but the bottom line is it’s been obvious to me lately. The emotional, crying with no seeming foundation. Something that normally you’d be pretty okay with, you’re over the top with it. You lose it. I am noticing that many of the people that I’m coaching and talking to and connecting with are going through these things. Everything is emphasized, everything is bigger than it is. Things that would normally seem like, “That’s happening,” now it’s like, “How did that turn into a mountain?” These are things that are occurring. It’s because everything is an extreme. It’s high, it’s low, it’s high it’s low. It’s like a pendulum going back and forth.

Do you know why that is? It’s because there is a massive, massive transformation that’s about to occur. When that moon and that sun get next to each other and block out that sun, it goes from light to dark. Who you were before you went into that is not going to be the same person that you were when you came out, a complete transformation. I’m going to give you a couple of things that you could do to emphasize the greatness of what’s going on. It’s not anything you need to be frightened about, it’s something to be excited about because you get to put your emphasis where it is where you would like it to be for your own transformation, and that’s pretty darn exciting.

If you’re ultra-sensitive, if you’re crying, if you’re wigged out, all of those things, be patient with yourself. I will tell you what I’m experiencing and what I’m sensing is that this is going to be for seven to ten days after this occurs as well. It’s like all the puzzle pieces are up in the air and they start to settle down in the new formation. It’s like it used to be a puzzle down here and one picture, it all goes up in the sky, it’s going to come down and it’s going to be a completely different puzzle, a different picture completely. It might take some time for these places to find their rightful place. For some, it could even be longer than that.

On the spiritual level, this is a time for reflection. This is a time to go inside and get very connected. This is the ending of what it is that you are no longer desirous of having in your life. It is about you creating and experiencing a new beginning, truly the new you as you would like to be. That’s up to you. You get to decide that when you get internal and you start to look at, “What’s working in my life? What’s not working?”

Rafael and I had a great conversation about what’s happening in our lives because we’ve been going through some things trying to determine, “Who’s on first and where do we want to focus and what do we want to do?” If you’re having that experience where things are coming up and you feel a little bit confused about which way to go or you’re in a lot of pain or struggle or discomfort, think about what’s being brought up for you to examine. Think about where you are, where you’re headed, and what you’re doing. Is that what you want? Are you facing fears to walk through it to get where it is you want or are you backing down? Are you backing up because you’re too afraid, or are you in a place where you’re ready to go, “I’m afraid, but I’m going for it?” There’s no right or wrong to this. This is about awareness. It is very important that you become aware of where you are and where you want to go.

Here’s some things to do. First of all, your animals are going to be feeling all these same things. My puppies are barking, they’re running around, or they’re all over the place. On the day that this occurs, my support to you is your animals, even your outside animals, at the highest level you can, get them inside. Do not let them look at that sun. If they’re out there, they will naturally want to do that. In addition to that, they will be very disoriented. Meaning that they literally could run into walls. They may be in a place where they are not understanding what’s going on because it’s disorienting to be in the middle of a sunny day and all of the sudden it’s pitch black. It happens very quickly and so it’s disorienting for them and it can be very painful for them and hurtful for them if they do look up. Please get your animals in and make sure they’re in a confined area so they can be safe and protected. You don’t have to do that for a long period of time but think about them because they’re not going to know.

You may notice that birds will be flying around, or they’ll be chirping, or they’ll be running into things. These could very possibly be extremes, but these are things that can occur. It’s important for you to know this so you don’t freak out because it’s going to last a little bit if it even occurs. The other thing you want to do is start your own preparations. Think about what it is that’s going on in your life. Think about, “Does that work for you or does it not?” Are you stressing, are you desperate, are you pushing, are you freaking, or are you staying calm and centered and relaxed? Where is it that you would like to be? Because that’s important.

There’s an old tradition about not looking at the entire experience, which seems to be what’s going to happen with Rafael and I because we never got any glasses fast enough to where you could even buy them. That tradition is such that it’s a very sacred thing when the moon and the sun come and connect with each other like that with their energy so close. One of them is 400 times bigger than the other. The sun is 400 times bigger, but it’s also 400 times farther away. What that means is they look like they’re the same size but they’re not. The point is that’s why they can match each other. When they’re covering each other, it looks like they fit so nicely together.

WUE 093 | Eclipse Meaning

Eclipse Meaning: It is very important that you become aware of where you are and where you want to go.

You have an opportunity to think about doing some other thing. One is during that time, if you’ve got your appropriate glasses, please don’t hurt yourself. If you want to look at it and you didn’t get glasses, if you Google it you’ll find you can take a shoe box and put some foil and put a little hole if you want to do that, so there is something you can do. If you have a vision board for example, if you don’t, you could do that. What I would suggest that you do is make a vision board. Take the pictures of the things that are important to you and put them on a board and look at that during the time of the eclipse.

Hold that focus for what it is that you’re committed to. That will be very powerful because that manifesting energy is coming through like a bulldozer. You can create and do your vision board. You can also do something like go for a walk, dance, paint, sing, or do whatever. Do something that makes you feel good, something that makes you feel excited, because in that moment you’re going to be imprinting something that’s very powerful, you and your future. That’s a little nugget about what’s going on with this. It’s a phenomenal, life changing event, it is awesome, we are so gifted to be able to have these kinds of miracles that come in our life, and we can take advantage of them. Share this with everybody you can possibly think of, put it on your timeline, and let other people know what they can do to have an experience that’s very special for them. Please comment below and also share it.

One of the things that would be very helpful for you is if you were very calm and centered. Remember the last couple of Facebook Lives I did, I asked you to private message me and ask me for free meditation. I sent them all out that I had. If you asked for one and you didn’t get it, please private message me again and just say, “Free meditation.” If you’d rather have me e-mail it to you, put your e-mail address in there and I will be happy to do so. Take advantage of this, it’s extremely powerful. The feedback I’m getting is awesome. That’s my suggestion, is to take advantage of the free meditation which super-charges your chakras and your body and centers you.

The question I’m going to leave you with is, “What would it take for me to experience true passion to manifest exactly what I want right now? What will it take for me to have the desire to manifest exactly what I would like right now?” Take time and think about these things and take action. Take action to get the results in your life that you desire. It’s going to augment everything for you. I’m so excited to be with you, thank you for hanging in there with me this long. Share this with others so they have an opportunity to take advantage of what you’re going to take advantage of. I can’t wait to connect next time and until then, feel a hug.


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