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We’re all interconnected, many times people can feel what other people feel. You can walk into a party and you find yourself in the energy of whatever’s happening and we respond to that energy. It makes you think what would the world be like if everyone felt good about themselves? It would not be the same world. If you want to live in a world worth living in, then you’ve got to do your part. Learn how you can change the world in five minutes and make a difference in even the smallest ways.

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How To Change The World In Less Than Five Minutes

I’m going to talk about how you can change the world in less than five minutes. I want to start with a little basics. We’re all connected. Everybody probably agrees with that, that we are all very interconnected. In many times, people can feel what other people feel and they think what other people think. There’s a way in life where we’re all very connected on more levels. It’s also true that we have a pack mentality. Have you ever noticed like with all the riots and all the things that are going on in the world that people get in and they get caught up in that energy and they’re just going to take down the world and then I got to take out somebody or hate somebody or love somebody?

You know how you also probably have been at a party where you walked in and you find yourself in the energy of whatever’s happening. You might walk in feeling kind of yucky. I’ll give you an example. Kirie was telling me that she was feeling a little bit out of sorts and not totally together. She listened to a meditation that I had done, a little short 22-minute,while she was waiting for an appointment. She said she came out of that like, “I’m a completely different person.” She had a complete shift. That’s what I mean by being very connected. We get into the energy and we respond to energy. The highest energy and the biggest energy and the most energy usually wins. It’s important for us to stay there.

The thing that I want you to think about is what would the world be like if everyone felt good about themselves? What do you think it would be like if everybody felt good in here? Do you think they would be projecting their anger and their rage out here in the world like we do? Do you think that all of the things that we have going on in the world would be as extreme as they are with all the political things and all of the personal things and all of that? I can tell you absolutely, unequivocally, it would not be the same world. What does that mean? That means that if you want to live in a world that you love living in, then you’ve got to do your part. Here’s how you can do it. I’m going to give you an example. I had an appointment and I went over to a big mall called Washington Square in Portland. I had little errands to run. I went into get some lunch at Cheesecake Factory. It’s one of my favorite places. I go in and I was alone. I sat in the bar and I was watching tennis or whatever. The waiter came up to me and asked me what I wanted, and I said, “I don’t need a menu. I know exactly what I want.” I ordered my Cobb salad and with my Romaine. Within literally five minutes, he brought my food back and he said, “I told him to hurry it up because you’re a VIP. I wanted you to feel like you were important here.” I said, “That is the coolest thing ever that you could say to anybody, especially me.”

As I was speaking to him throughout the time that I was sitting there, I shared with him how he made a difference in my life. As I was sharing with him that I felt that he was an exceptional person and what a good job he did, I’ve seen this guy here waiting on people for several years as I’ve gone there. We started having an awesome conversation about how terrific it is when we support each other and feeling great. We started speaking about the HELO and different things that were going on. He said, “I like to know about that thing.” As it turned out, we exchanged phone numbers and emails and all that kind of stuff. I walked out of there feeling really great because I felt special and he walked out feeling great because when I told him how awesome he was and how I’ve noticed over time what a good job he does all the time, his face blushed and he got it. It made a difference. You could see it when he was walking. He was walking differently, and it was so cool.

I go on and I have to go into Sears to return something. The guy at the cash register is there and he said, “How’s your day?” I said, “I’m having a great day.” He had a wrist thing on, like his wrist had been hurt. I said, “I’m having a great day, but what happened to your wrist? Are you having a great day?” He said, “I have cerebral palsy and this helps me with being able to do what it is.” He couldn’t use his arms, so he did everything one handedly. He used this one to fold papers and do all this stuff. I said, “You have such an awesome attitude.” He said, “That’s just what it is in life. This is what I have. It’s not a big deal to me and I’m okay with it.” I said, “You have a job. You’re working well. You’re helping people feel good and I acknowledge you.” He was a young guy, maybe nineteen or something like that. He was touched by that and I could tell that his world had changed in that moment because I supported him.

Sears was really cool. Then I’m having trouble with my tablet, so I went into AT&T. I sat down, and I started speaking to them about this and I said, “Maybe you could tell me about the next one out because mine is fairly old.” Because they weren’t able to fix it in that moment, they started telling me about it. There were two people. There was the girl who was a salesperson and the store manager came over to help give some information. I said, “I’ll just call whenever.” She said, “No, let’s see what we can do for you.” She leaves, and she goes back, and she speaks to the store manager. They come back in a few minutes and before they can say anything, I said, “I want to thank you both because you are doing such an awesome job. I feel cared for today. I feel like you care.” She said, “That is why we, at AT&T, are excited because we feel that the customer is the most important thing and we are happy to be able to help you.” They told me how they could get me the new tablet and they could reduce my bill in doing so. They made everything incredible, which was awesome.

We started having this conversation back and forth and she started telling me about her health issues. I looked like Ann Landers, I guess, because she just brought that up. Then the guy says, “What’s this thing on your wrist?” I started telling them about the HELO. We had a great connection. Everybody was so connected, and everybody lifted themselves up by the kindness that we were giving each other. It was a beautiful thing. They ended up with having all of their information shared with me because they wanted more information and they wanted to be connected to Facebook Live and things of that nature. I walked out of there feeling good. I know that they felt good and very excited that we had that interchange. Then I keep on rolling and I go into Verizon. I’m in Verizon because I was looking at the Google Home. We happen to have three Alexas but I wanted to find out about Google Home to see if maybe there was something a little more exciting or could it do more because I’m a techno freak and I love technology.

I was in there talking to the guy and he starts telling me about all the things. I said, “You are an awesome salesman. You do what you do well, and you’ve been very informative and very helpful. I appreciate the time you’ve spent with me.” He beamed and his whole life, you could say in that moment, shifted. Here’s the thing. When you start being the incredible person that you are, and you help other people be the most incredible people that they are, you change the world. I started this with, “We are all connected.” When you help other people and yourself feel awesome, then all the world is impacted by that. You literally change someone else’s world, your world, and all of that because we’re all connected, pulls out, and changes your entire world.

WUE 094 | Change The World

Change The World: When you start being the incredible person that you are and you help other people be the most incredible people that they are, you change the world.

Can you imagine what would happen if we were all doing that? My challenge for you is make this as a game. Go out and make your focus be not just what’s going to happen for me, but what can you do for someone else today? How can you change this world in less than five minutes by being with people in a sincere and loving way? I will tell you it will happen and just think what will happen. That’s why I want you to share this so much because this is how we send the virus of love around the world and help people that are doing the best they can because most people are in survival. They’re trying to figure out how to get to their next paycheck or get a job or get through their health issues or whatever it is that’s going on with them. You can be that interrupter and help them see something, see life from a completely different perspective.

Here’s what I ask of you today. If you’re finding value in any of these videos, and especially today, I am requesting that you comment below and tell me how is it that you are willing to change the world? Are you willing to do that? How would you do that? Let’s start something rolling here so we can change this world. I also want to ask you to share this. Somebody asked me, “Why do you always ask us to share these things?” Not only because I want the message to go out and the energy of life, excitement, motivation, and love to go out into the world, but I also want it to go out to the world because when Facebook sees a lot of shares, they then share more. They will start putting this out to more and more people. They put out stuff to 10% of your fan base or have your friend base. The more shares, comments, and likes, they go, “This person’s got something going.” They start spreading it to more and more people. There’s an alternative reason and it’s a great one. I’m asking you to love on me, to help me spread this stuff out there into the world by sharing and by commenting and by liking. If you send me some information or private message me about a page or something you want me to like, I am so all over that. I will be very excited for us to exchange whatever it is that you need. I’m here for you. We’re buds. Let’s connect. Let’s do this thing.

Here’s our question for today. What would it take for you to say yes to uplifting other people’s lives and your own on a daily basis? I’m in gratitude and I feel great that the other people felt good, but the truth is, I felt so awesome by being able to help other people see the value in themselves. You have the ability to do that, too. How about we all do that for each other? Until next time, feel a hug and share, like, and comment.

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