WUE 095 | Getting What You Want

Most things in life are not always so easy. That’s called growth. It’s the game that we play. Sometimes, you’re not getting what you want because you don’t think you deserve it. Do a little introspection and, if need be, get some support. Do whatever it is it takes for you to be clear about what it is you’ve got going on inside of you that is keeping you from really getting what it is that you are desiring at your highest level. There are actually six steps to getting what you want and those are having pristine clarity, a big why, one pointed focus, unwavering commitment, taking action, and being willing to receive. Do whatever it is that you need to do, but keep on going.

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Six Steps to Getting What You Want at the Highest Level

Make sure your notifications are on right here on this site and on my Wake Up with E site so you know when I’m going live. If you can’t come right when I’m live, then come back and watch because there’s so much great information that I’m sharing with you that I know from the feedback that I get that it’s supportive for so many people and I want one of them to be you. I did this from my Wake Up with E site last time and we didn’t have nearly as many views and I don’t know if it’s because you all are not seeing it or knowing it or noticing it, but I’m trying to transition over there but I’m back on my homepage now. The bottom line is that I like us to be friends on both of those places, so I can speak for business things on that page and then I’ll share them over here. If you are confused about that, don’t worry, so am I. This blend is back here. It is so sunny and gorgeous here that my hair turned white in the sun. I’m here to share with you part two of Six Musts if you want to create anything or get anything that you want. Last time, I’m just going to review these quickly. Please go back and watch part one if you did not see it. I was thinking about these six steps and I’m telling you, you do these six steps and you can get anything that you want.

The first one that we spoke about last time is pristine clarity. You must know what you want. If you go, “I want to be rich.” Never mind, that doesn’t say anything to the universe. It just says, “I want blah, blah, blah.” It is a blur. It wants pristine clarity. “I am committed to making $100,000 a month, $5,000 a month, $1,000 a month,” whatever it is for you. The bottom line is be very direct and very clear about what it is that you’re saying. If it’s not about money, “I am absolutely committed to getting my master’s degree,” whatever it might be for you. The second step was that it’s critical that you have a very big why. The universe is looking for emotions, feelings, something that drives the energy of manifestation that comes from a why. When you know why you want something and you’re all over that emotionally, mentally, and physically, meaning the follow-through, then you are going to get what it is that you want because it takes the clarity, it takes the reason, and the reason is something that’s going to drive you. When you feel like giving up, it’s going to drive you when it’s not easy. Have you noticed that most things in life are not always so easy? That’s called growth. That’s what we do here on this planet. It’s the game that we play. Accept that as a “what is” and move through it. Ignore it, pass over it say, “So what?” Do whatever it is that you need to do but you keep on going.

WUE 095 | Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want: We have to have unwavering commitment and that means through hell or high water, no matter what’s happening, you keep on keeping on.

The third thing that we spoke about last time was this one-pointed focus. One-pointed focus means that you don’t have 3,700 other things going on at the same time. I’m guilty because I have to tell you, this is one of my biggest personal issues. I like so many things. I love doing so many things and it’s like, “Which one do I do?” I can’t bear to give up some of the things that I’m doing because I like doing it and I want to clone myself. There’s a movie called Multiplicity and it was eight different people at once. That’s what I need. If you figure out how to do that, let me know because then I could do a whole bunch of other things all at once and I wouldn’t have to give up anything. Until then, I’m needing to back off on some things that I have been doing so I can get that one-pointed focus. We’re going to talk about the next three. These next three are very important and very simple. I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was simple. We have to have unwavering commitment and that means through hell or high water, no matter what’s happening, you keep on keeping on. It means that you have a rough day, it looks like nobody’s responding to whatever it is you’re wanting that they respond to, you just take a breath and you keep going and you keep going.

Have you noticed how incredibly overloaded our world is? We have so much data. We have so much input. We have so many friends. We have so many options. We have so many things coming at us in a million different ways on a continuous basis. I’m back in confession here because this is what’s challenging for me too. I’m very committed, but all of a sudden I see an email go by or I get a text or the phone rings. Do you know what I’m talking about here? Do you how easy it is to just go, “I’m going.” Sometimes I look up and I see I have fifteen different tabs open in my Chrome because I see this and I click on that and it takes me there and all of a sudden I remember, “I was watching that webinar. I got to get that Trello board done for this.” A million things happening all the time. One‑pointed focus. Give yourself permission to know that you can do this because this unwavering commitment to that will increase your self-esteem. Did you know that? It’s a little side effect. It will increase your self esteem. It will create an absolute message to the universe that nothing and no one’s going to get in your way and you never ever let the fear stop you.

Fear will come up. No matter what you say you want. Everything unlike your passion, your desire is going to absolutely come up because that’s the way it works in the world, so see it for what it is. There’s going to be pebbles in the road. Sometimes it’s going to feel like boulders in the road. You know who you are. Do you know that none of that needs to get in the way of what it is that you say you want? If you have that commitment, that unwavering commitment, then you will know that you will see it as a part of the process and you’ll keep on going. This is something that I say all the time and I’ve been teaching for a very long time and it’s one of my favorite principles. Trust in your process. Any of you that have done work with me over the last however many years, a lot of them, you know how I say, “Trust in your process.” Trust in what’s going on and keep that unwavering commitment, which is step number four, really high, the most important thing that you can do in any given moment.

The next thing is, and it follows right after this, is that you must follow through. The commitment is there, and so “I’m committed, I’m committed.” Great. What are you doing about the commitment? You have to take action. You must take action on a day to day basis towards what it is that you want. The action looks like visualizing. It looks like perhaps writing in a journal to help your mindset. It might mean that if you’re like me who’s working with my Helo business, I have to reach out to people every day. Everyday I’m going to tell people what I’m doing with this is changing my life and how it can change theirs. I’m giving them options to know exactly what to do to get what it is that they want. I will tell you that if you do not take action every single day, it’s going to be very difficult. The universe responds to the degree of all of these steps that you are putting out.

The sixth thing is a big one. This is the biggest one of all, drum roll, you have to be willing to receive. You may be thinking, “Are you kidding me? That’s easiest for me. Of course I want to receive.” Let me tell you, I spent a lot of years coaching thousands of people and the ability to receive is one of the things that’s not so high on most people’s availability list. Why? Because many of us want to make sure that everybody else is okay. We want to be sure that this is okay. We’re peacemakers, and if we aren’t a peacemaker, what we may have underneath rolling is that little voice from when we were little, “You’ll never make anything of yourself. You don’t deserve that. You can’t do that. That’s way beyond what it is that we have ever done in our family and you’re not going to be able to do that. It’s hard. Only special people get to be millionaires or get to be happy or get to have a great relationship or whatever.” That’s a bunch of crap.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that we bought into those things, but we didn’t know any better, so what the heck? Now you know the difference. Now you know it’s not true. Therefore we have to look deep inside and say, “I say I want it,” but if I keep sabotaging myself and I’m not receiving, then you might need some support literally. You might need to work with a coach or somebody who will help you see what’s in the way of that because you can do steps one through five, but if you’ve got a wall up here that says, “I can’t have that. I don’t deserve to have that. I’m supposed to be a giver and not a receiver.” You’re not going to get it because you don’t think you deserve it.

I’m not saying this is a conscious thing, but I am telling you that most everyone has a certain degree of this and I invite you to do a little introspection about that and check it out. If you’re doing the first five and you get to this one and you’re still not receiving. I’m thinking throw in a little more work, get some support, do whatever it is it takes for you to be clear about who’s little voice or what it is you’ve got going on in here from your childhood or from wherever that is keeping you from receiving what it is that you are desiring at your highest level.

There we have it. These are the six steps. The first one is to have pristine clarity. The second is to know your why. That has to be your fuel. The third one is to have that one-pointed focus. The fourth one is to have the unwavering commitment. No matter what, you are committed. Nothing and no one stands in my way. The fifth one is that you must follow-through. You can’t do it for like twenty minutes and stop or do it every day for two weeks and go “I haven’t gotten it. My life hasn’t changed. This doesn’t work. What do you mean those six steps are powerful?” Two weeks and I’m thinking it depends on what you want. It depends on how clear you are with all six of these steps as to how quickly you will manifest. It’s not about the steps. It’s about how quickly you have allowed yourself to be in the flow or in alignment with these things. The sixth thing is that ability to receive, to know that you are worthy of receiving what it is that you say that you want because you can say, “I want to be a millionaire” or “I want to be totally healthy,” but if underneath the covers you have this thing rolling that says, “I’ll never make that. This would be impossible. It’d be hard, but I want that. I want that but it’d be almost impossible.” Whatever it might be, even about your health or having a great relationship or any part of your life.

There’re the six steps. I invite you to write these down and post them somewhere and look at them every day. Look at what it is that you can do to make a difference in every area of your life because it doesn’t matter what you’re wanting to manifest, these work, these absolutely unequivocally work. If you come against a block, then get yourself some support. Thank you. Thank you for sharing it all. Remember, what you do to help other people see more clearly is going to create a different world. Every time you’re in a happy mood and you help other people do that, you improve the entire universe. Remember that when you are helping other people become educated about their own self-reliant existence, you make this world a better place to be in.

WUE 095 | Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want: What you do to help other people see more clearly is going to create a different world.

If you would like to be a worldwide game changer, then start here with you by sharing this and doing what it is you can do from your very own home on your little phone or on your computer and help other people see the light of what it is that they’re capable of doing. That’s a gift you have to give. I invite you to do that, so please share, make sure your notifications are on, and please comment because your comments help me know that you’re with me and that you care about what it is that I’m speaking about. Two more things. One is what would you like to hear me speak about? I could just chat about anything, so send me a private message or put it in the comments and let me know what kinds of subjects you would like to hear me chat about. I love to support you.

The last thing is of course our question of the day. What do you think it has to be about? It has to be about that step number six, which was the most important from my viewpoint because the others are things to do, but this is something you have to be. There is doing this and there’s being this. This question is “What would it take for me to be willing to receive?” Go out there and allow that to just percolate in the universe and let the answer and what it is that it takes to have that occur for you individually because it’s not the same for everyone to just occur and watch it just drift away.

Until next time, feel a hug. Thanks for being with me. You mean a lot to me.


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