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Are you enjoying where you are in your life? Are you feeling down and struggling for a long time and yet still not doing what it takes to make the shift? We all get into little routines and follow structure, and we become dead boring. Come out of the old little boxes that you’ve been living in. It may be high time for you to look into entrepreneurism. Entrepreneurism allows you to be your own boss and do things differently. You can experience so much and be so much more. There’s more in you if you have that passion to be more expressive and committed to making a change.

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Entrepreneurism: Be Your Own Boss

I’m going to start a little series, probably a three-part series on entrepreneurism. It is going to be about are you satisfied being in a JOB, which some people call just over broke or do you want something else? The first thing that you have to make a decision about is do you love what you do? How do you feel on Sunday night or Monday morning when you’re about to get up and go to work? This is if you’re on a regular job. Some people absolutely love their jobs and that’s awesome, but I’m speaking to those of you that would either like more out of their jobs or they would like to have something else, they just have thoughts that there’s something unfinished inside of them and they they’re complete with making other people money, they want to make their own money. They want to be their own boss. They want to do things differently.

The first question is, “How do you feel about where you’re at? Do you want to expand it or would you like to change it?” You don’t have to figure out why all of those things were there. Just have the awareness because without awareness, we can’t do anything. You’re aware. You know whether you’d like to make a change or expand where you’re at. That being the case, then let’s talk about how you are going to move forward to make that next decision. What that means is after you have the awareness and you know that you would like something different, then you have to make a decision. Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you committed to making a change?

Here’s the thing, we can think about it all day long. We can say, “I’m not happy with where I’m at, but I have to do something different. I have to make some changes that will maybe not make me feel so good.” I have a news bulletin. All change means that you have to do something different and if you want the results that you say that you want internally, then that means that you have to step up and step out. That means that you won’t always be comfortable. It means that you have to be willing to be a little bit of a risk-taker. It means that you’ve got to stretch yourself because you can go through life like this, which is an okay thing. My work, my job, is about to help you get what you want regardless of what that is. I don’t have any judgments, I don’t care what it is that anybody does, but I do care about whether you are enjoying with where you’re at in your life. Do you have the lifestyle you want? Do you feel like you’re contributing in a way that you so desperately want to?

I spoke to somebody and I said, “What do you want?” and she said, “I would like to have a bakery. I like to design cakes and I love to cook.” I said, “What’s keeping you from that?” and she said “Money. I don’t see any way I can go out and design all those beautiful things.” We spoke about some things that she could do that would get her to what it was that she was wanting, but what’s happened is, and perhaps this fits for you, think about this for a minute. Have you been one of those people that say they want something, afraid to change or can’t figure out how to change, or it’s just not something that you’ve ever thought was possible?

Anything is possible, truly is possible and that it will grow you. It’s going to expand where it is that you are because again, we’re not going to be able to stay in the place we’re in and get what it is that we want. What we’ve got to do is figure out pain or the discomfort, or maybe even suffering, more or less than what it is that you truly want. I have been working with a tremendous amount of people lately when I’ve been working with this device. I meet people that want so much to have a different life, but when I let them know that they’ve got to do things a little bit differently in their head, “Don’t ask me to do that. You mean I’ve got to stand up and do this. You mean I’ve got to say what I want and follow through and take action. What does that mean?” It means that you get to decide inside of you, but I will also ask you to be very honest with yourself. Are you thinking? Complaining? Are you feeling down and struggling for a long time or a little bit of time and yet still not doing what it takes to makes the shift? Remember, the first step is to make a determination. Are you ready and willing to change? Are you willing to make something different? I’m not saying it has to be a radical change. For some people, yeah, it’s a radical change. I’m not asking you to walk out on your relationship. I’m not asking you to put your kids in military camp or any of that stuff. I’m talking about what it is you have going on in here and how you feel about it. I want you to contemplate that for a minute. Just take a moment and just ask yourself some of those questions.

Are we clear? Are you bringing things up? Are you not clear but you got stuff rolling in here because that’s part of what I want to encourage you to do. Throw things up in the sky. Absolutely let everything come out of the old little boxes that you’ve been living in. We all get into little routines and we follow structure like this, like this, like this, and we become dead or boring. You don’t want to be duh, do you? You want to live. You want to feel life. You want to experience so much. There’s more in you. You have a passion to be more expressive. I’ve never yet met anybody who said they didn’t want to express more, have more, expand more, grow more. That doesn’t mean you’re not happy. It means that you’re human. It means that you are built in and connected to the expansion principle, which is what we do here on this planet. What wants to expand in you? Do you want more money? Want to serve more people? Want to be in a place where you can experience more travel? Do you want to be able to go to a restaurant and never have to look at the prices? It doesn’t matter what it is for you. It may be a Tesla that you’re looking for or whatever it is that you’re desiring.

WUE 096 | Entrepreneurism

Entrepreneurism: You spend at least one-third of your life doing what it is you do during the day.

My invitation to you is to contemplate about what it is that you’re desiring. Do you want to stay in a job? Would you like to be more independent and be an entrepreneur? Would you like to change something in your life because you spend at least one-third of your life doing what it is you do during the day. Don’t forget that being a mother, being a house person, all of those things, a soccer mom or soccer dad, that’s a job. That’s what you do. That’s how you spend a good portion of your life, so don’t eliminate that if you don’t go punch a time clock somewhere or if you’re not an entrepreneur of some type. I’m just asking you to review that. That’s what it is that asking you to do.

Next time, I’m going to speak about what an entrepreneur is. What does it take to be an entrepreneur? After that I’m going to speak about the mindset of an entrepreneur. I would like to ask you this question and I’m going to ask you to repeat this to yourself because this is going to set your mind out there in a way that’s going to allow you to get clearer than you’ve ever been about what’s going on. This is the wake-up call of the day. “What would it take for me to be totally and completely honest with myself about what it is that I truly would love to do for that third of my life?” Repeat that several times between now and the next time we meet. In fact, I do it several times a day and just see what kinds of thoughts come up. No judgment. Just let them be there because if we can rumble up the things that you’ve become a little bit comfortable with, you’re going to get what it is that you want. That’s the way it works.

I have an invitation for you and the invitation is remember last time I spoke about that free meditation. Thank you for all of you that have requested that and that’s going to go out, but what I would like to invite those of you that didn’t ask for it to ask for it because this meditation is going to help you get clear. It’s going to cleanse out some of the stuck stuff that we have, a narrative guided meditation. It’s free and it’s also going to help supercharge your energy centers so you feel better. Your neurotransmitters will work better. You’d be alive in life. How cool would that be?

Private message me. If we put links on Facebook, they don’t like to share the videos as much, so that’s why I’m having you private message me or you can email me if you know my email address. Whatever way you would like to get in touch with me, do that. I’ll send you out that awesome link. The other thing I’d like to invite you to do is remember that I do private coaching and if you have a desire to work with me to get more clear and get more centered and on track with your life, I’m the girl for because I can help you do that. Until next time, feel a hug.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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