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When meeting new people, are you one of those who can’t get past hi and hello? You may think it is because you’re shy and you lack self-confidence, but it really is because you’re all about you. You’re all about how you feel and what is going to happen to you. You don’t like what other people would say or that they’d roll their eyes or that you’re going to get rejected. When you’re truly connected to what it is you’re passionate about and you’re wanting to tell somebody about something that you believe in, you notice there’s a difference because you’re not worrying about yourself. How many times have you held yourself back and not gone for that dream because you’re afraid? Draw that line in the sand and be bold enough to jump off the diving board.

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Self-Confidence: Getting Past Hi and Hello

For those of you that are not familiar with me, I’m an entrepreneurial and mindset coach. I’m going to speak about jumping off the diving board. You might be asking, “What does that have to do? I’m not even that big of a swimmer.” Personally, I’m not. I love swimming but at any rate, what this is about is self-confidence and about where you hold yourself back to things that you want. I’m going to describe some things to you. This came to me this because I was coaching somebody. We were speaking about the Helo and it’s somebody who had joined the team and was wanting to work but hasn’t done anything. I’ll call him Allen. Allen was saying that he knew that he wanted to do this, but he was very shy and he was very introverted and it was very scary for him to speak to people. You would not have a clue of that because he’s awesome at what he does outside of this and he’s very active and that’s how he gets when he’s with people, but with people that he doesn’t know, it’s not so easy for him to go up and be with people. I explained to him that I used to be very introverted. I used to be afraid and I used to be shy and all of those things. What was great about that is I told him “You can change because you can tell that I’m not as shy as I used to be.”

We went through this conversation because he found that he had this feeling inside that he wanted to do what it was that we were going to do, talk to people about the Helo. He just couldn’t get past these things that were intimidating. He said, “I don’t have any-self confidence. I just don’t know how to do this.” What I have for you is where are you holding back? Where do you have that secret little something that you’ve always wanted but you don’t do or haven’t gone for because you’re afraid? You’re afraid you’ll fail or you’re afraid to approach people or you’re afraid to ask for what you want. You feel like you don’t have the confidence to get tough and go for it. What are you shutting down and what are you missing out on in life? I want to remind you that there is something different for you available in your life.

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WUE 097 | Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence: When you don’t think you have self‑confidence, it’s because you’re all about you. You’re all about how you feel. You’re all about what is going to happen to you.

What we want to look at is this word self-confidence. I was using that word that I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence in myself a lot in my life, but do you what lack of self-confidence is? Take a breath because this was a little hard for me to look at. This is the truth. When you don’t think you have self‑confidence, it’s because you’re all about you. You’re all about how you feel. You’re all about what is going to happen to you. If people don’t like what you’re going to say or they’re going to roll their eyes, you’re going to get some sense of rejection. You think that you don’t want to do that again. You say you don’t have self-confidence, but when you are connected to what it is you’re passionate about, whether you’re wanting to tell somebody about something that you believe in, you notice there’s a big difference. You’re not worrying about yourself.

Use this as an example. You go to the movie and you see a movie you absolutely love. Are you shy about telling people about it? Maybe you are, but hopefully you aren’t and you just run up to people and you call them up, “I just saw this movie. It was the most awesome thing I’ve seen. You’ve got to go see it.” You’re not worried about whether they’re going to reject you or whether they don’t or any of that stuff because you’re into what it is that you’re into. Based on that, you’re not over here worrying about how they’re going to accept you because you’re too full of yourself about what it is that’s going on.

This self-confidence thing is about you taking a look internally and saying, “How self‑consumed am I? How worried am I about having somebody have a feeling which has nothing to do with me stop me from what I want?” How many times have you held yourself back? How many times have you not gone for that dream because you’re afraid? Where is your line in the sand? I want to invite you to erase it and to be bold to jump, jump off the diving board. You’re not going to win, you’re not going to get what you want if you just don’t jump into the world of the unknown, to the world of possible rejection.

I have been working on this a lot lately because I’m in this business and all the businesses I’m in. When I do this, I have to go to people and I am so excited about it, I want to tell them all about it, but sometimes I go, “What if they don’t like it or what if they tell me, ‘get out of my face’?” I’ve had those thoughts. I’m being completely transparent, but I am never ever going to let the fear stop me and I want to support you in that. Write that down. I will never ever let the fear stop me because I’m giving my power away to anyone that keeps me from what I want. Is that the way you want to live your life? It’s not the way I want to live mine, so I’m having to buck up and I’m having to jump off the diving board even if I don’t feel like I could swim, it’s okay. Somebody will throw you in an inner tube. You’ll be okay. When you do that and you find out that you’re still alive, you will grow, you will expand, you’ll be more bold, you’ll be more confident, and you’ll have life be how it is that you would like your life to be.

I want to support you in thinking about where you’ve been holding back and then I want to invite you to take the big jump. Jump off that diving board. Hold my hand. I’ll be there with you and I’m going to reach out to you because I’ve been jumping a lot myself lately. That’s what I am about for you. I’m going to ask you to ask yourself, “What if I never ever let the fear stop me? What if I just jumped?” There’s a great YouTube video that’s by Steve Harvey and it’s called You Have to Jump. It is an awesome clip that talks about jumping and just making that bold move because when you make a bold move, your life expand and you’re going to know more joy and you’re going to know what it is that you have inside of you that you haven’t even begun to uncover yet.

Please share this. Please go to my Wake Up with E and go like my page because I’m going to start putting more attention to that and that would be helpful. I’m just going to hold it on this big weekend that we have that you think about where you’re holding back. Think about what you want and let’s jump together. Until next time, feel a hug.

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