HPR 87 | Unconscious Belief Systems

In the grand scheme of things, there is always a delayed reaction when it comes to getting what you want. That being said, unconscious belief systems can also play a part in hijacking your dreams’ potential manifestation. It is important to recognize these unconscious belief systems before they sneak into your life’s desire and shatter it. A little more space and time can also do wonders for you to determine whether it’s really important or simply an impulsive rush.

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Why You Don’t Get What You Think You Want Part 1

I’m going to talk about why you don’t get what you think you want. This is part one because there’s going to be part two. This has been a very frustrating thing for me, which is why I wanted to speak about it because I have thoughts about what it is that I think that I want and I sometimes will go very, very passionately after that and I have for all of my life. I remember when I was fifteen and I was going to get a car when I was sixteen, at least that was what I was hoping. I had it all figured out. I wanted this truck, a pick-up truck. I was so excited about getting this pick-up truck and my parents said, “No and no and we mean like, really no.” I said, “But, I want this.” I cried and I threw fifteen-year-old tantrums and all this kind of stuff. I was coming on sixteen. They didn’t care. They said, “You’re not getting a truck. There’s nothing logical about that for you. You’re going to eventually want to take friends with you and you’re not going to be able to fit everybody,” and all this stuff. I was devastated because I thought that’s what I wanted. When I did get my car, it wasn’t a truck, but I was so glad that it wasn’t a truck because they were right that I wanted to be able to fit more people in it and I wasn’t going to fit them in the bed of a truck. It worked perfect for me to not got what I thought I wanted and I thought I was pretty darn clear.

One of the things that I learned over time was that it is not what we want to have what it is that we want right when we think we want it. In other words, the universe has created a perfect way for us to think about it a little bit. Give us a little space and time to determine whether that’s what’s important for us. There’s a delayed reaction. Everything is much slower here in this world that we live in than it is in a higher vibration or beyond this world, wherever your thought processes go. The bottom line is, it’s a gift.

WUE 87 | Unconscious Belief Systems

Unconscious Belief Systems: The universe has created a perfect way for us to think about it a little bit.

Here are some things to consider if you are wanting something passionately. The thing that you have to do is you have to think about what it is that you say you want and at the highest level you can, take a little breath. I’m not good at this. I’ve been known to be impulsive and I just get a feeling and boom, I’m going for it. I’m just going to have it and I get pretty impatient. For me, I am listening to the words that I’m speaking because taking a breath, counting to ten or maybe 2,000 or maybe 10,000 or waiting a day would be a good idea because I get very picked-up, very drawn up into things. I am willing to bet that some of you that are watching this know exactly what it is that I’m speaking about. This time gives us a chance to determine if that fire, that passion stays with us. If it does, then it’s important to recognize that we have these things going on inside of us, these unconscious belief systems. We have ideas that maybe I don’t deserve that. Maybe you have a desire.

Think about something that you have a desire for; something that you feel like you want. There’s something you want. Here are a few little check marks to be able to do something with. One is, and this is funny because is there an unconscious fear? If it’s unconscious, you’re not going to know it’s there but you can ask yourself, “What is it that might be in my way of me having what it is that I want?” Let’s say it’s something that you’ve been wanting for some time. Most likely what it is, is that there is a belief system. There’s something going on inside and it can be an unconscious or it can even be a conscious thing that I don’t deserve it. People won’t like me if I have it. It means that people are going to be able to judge me. It means that maybe people will not want to be my friend anymore if I have it.

Let’s say that you want to be making $100,000 a month but pretty much everybody you know barely makes $10,000 a year or $20,000 or $30,000 or something, but not $100,000 a month. When that happens, then we get into a place where we start to think about, “What am I going to have to give up?” Because when we want something, especially something big, there’s something that’s going to have to move aside, create a vacuum for you to have that. Sometimes it’s things that we unconsciously don’t want to give up. You can think about that. If you were extremely wealthy or if you had all these things that you’re thinking about that you want, what would have to change? Would your friends still be there the same way? Would they think that you were just like too snooty now, that you’re out of their league? Would it be that you think that they think that you wouldn’t want to be around them anymore? Is it that you hear in the back of your mind your mother saying, “You can never have that. You can never do that. You’ll never be successful,” all that stuff.

There are lots of in the background, things that people have going on that they don’t know they have going on. This is about introspection. It’s about looking at what you want and considering what kinds of things might be underneath the covers that are keeping you from receiving what it is that you want. It’s almost always fear. I’ll give you a clue and that clue will lead you to the next place of what is that fear about. Think about that for a moment because if you don’t know that a lot of times, it will keep you from having what it is that you want. Clarity is another thing that’s extremely important. You have to be very succinctly clear about what it is that you want. It can’t be some ominous, luminous thing. It has to be pristine because the universe works in a way that allows you to become very structured and very exacting about what it is that you’re asking for and those little clues are going to help you.

What I invite you to do is write down what comes up for you when you think about having what it is that you say that you want. The second thing is you can ask yourself that question, “What would it take for me to be really clear about what it is that I want?” Because when we have these underlying things going on, we’re not clear. We may think we’re clear, but it’s the under the cover stuff that’s in the way. What would it take for me to be clear about what I would like?

I’m going to offer you something very powerful and very exciting. I am going to invite you to private message me. If you would like to have twenty minutes of my time for a free coaching session about anything, it doesn’t matter whether it’s about relationships, about money, about your health, doesn’t matter. If you’d like twenty minutes, no strings attached, then I invite you to private message me. When you do, I will send you a link to my scheduler. I would love to be able to connect with you and share with you anything I can do to help you be more clear in any area of your life. Until next time, feel a hug. Bye for now.


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