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Relationship Is A Tool For Self-Development

  Out of all the facts we know about relationships, what stands out is this - the relationships we have with others mirror who we are as a person. For today’s topic, we go deep in the concept of mirroring and how it affects your judgment and personal development....

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Why We Do What We Do!

  What is your payoff for what you’re about to say or do? As much as there will always be a reason behind every action, there will also be an equivalent consequence later. Today’s highlight is self-awareness in recognizing that there's still a payoff that's under...

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Conscious Relationships

  We all want to have long, lasting relationships. Unbeknownst to many, having conscious relationships is the key to it. Still, achieving one is not a walk in the park as the change must start within ourselves. In this eye-opening discussion, you'll get to learn...

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How To Be Yourself In Your Relationship

  Most of us were trained from a very young age that it's not safe to feel what we feel, to do what we want to do, or to have what it is that we genuinely would like to have. Growing up with this belief left a deep imprint on how it is that we feel about speaking...

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How To Take Charge Of Your Life And Your Relationships

  As the world moves around us, the desire to control and take charge comes out. This goes to our life and our relationships. As much as we would like to do that, we have to face the reality that we can only control ourselves. Look deeper from within and realize...

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Are Boundaries Important Or Necessary In A Relationship?

  We all have our spaces where we keep certain aspects of ourselves protected or safe. These are the boundaries that contain those important parts within us. With relationships, we almost always have certain lines that we need to keep from being crossed. However,...

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What Does Intimacy In Your Relationship Look Like?

  What is intimacy? Not everybody is comfortable when they hear that word. People would actually shudder because they immediately associate it with the bedroom or being exposed, anyone seeing and letting themselves be seen by another. Esateys and Rafael take a...

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If You Really Knew Who I Am, You Would NEVER Love Me

  We present ourselves in a way that will be pleasing to people. We hide behind a mask to protect ourselves from the judging eyes of society. Everyone feels this way so we all get swamped with all these fabricated truths that we make about ourselves, building a...

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