Water detox is cheap, easy and effective
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Detoxing Your Body with Water is the simplest and most effective way to naturally keep your body healthy and working the way it was intended to.

Sometimes we look for complex solutions to keep our body clean and functioning properly when the simplest methods are available to use on a consistent basis.

There are many things about water we grew up hearing in our life. We’ve been told our whole life to drink more water. We see our doctor at our annual

physical and are told to drink more water. There are many opinions out there about drinking water. I grew up hearing it is important to drink 8 – 8 oz glasses of water a day with a newer concept of drinking ½ oz of water for every pound of body weight. We have been overloaded with concepts and not enough facts.

Although there we have so many options for drinking beverages these days that appear to have a high water content, these do not count toward the recommended amount necessary on a daily basis.

Water is a necessity for every human being, animal and plant. Humans can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water and can live an astonishing 3 weeks without food. Our bodies are made up of 60-75% of water depending on our body weight and gender.

I also find it amazing that our planet is made up of 71% water. In essence our bodies are surrounded internally and externally by water. As a pet lover I also had an awareness that the only thing my Great Dane drinks is water. This helped to make me realize that drinking pure water is almost as important as breathing is for us.


We need to drink enough water for many reasons 

A constant supply of water in our bodies keeps our vital organs lubricated and free of toxins. The lymph system flushes unwanted toxins out of the organs and a constant supply of water provides a method for eliminating them from the body.

One great way to activate the lymph system is a good strong walk every day. Another way, which is even more powerful is to jump on a trampoline. You can purchase a small one especially for this activity at any Sports Store. Start slow with just a couple of minutes ideally, twice a day and gradually work up to at least 10 minutes once or twice a day. Don’t forget to hydrate really well before and after.

I think of the water in our bodies like a river. Water provides the medium for moving the nutrition around our entire circulatory system giving us oxygen and nutrients where we need them. Water also keeps our body temperatures regulated. Most importantly, water will flush harmful toxins out of our bodies through exhalation, perspiration and elimination.

For many years I found it very difficult to drink just plain water. I grew up in a generation of flavored sodas, sugary processed juices and Kool-Aid. My Mom use to think she was getting me to drink water by hiding it in Kool-Aid.

 Here are some powerful suggestions to make drinking water fun:

  • Set a goal of how much water you should drink a day. Keep in mind the more active you are and the more you perspire you will need to increase this amount. Keep in mind that you want to drink approximately 1/2 oz of pure, clean water for every pound of body weight. If you are not used to drinking a lot of water start slow and increase a little each day until you are at your optimum amount.
  • Get water containers that you really like to drink from. Some prefer to drink from glass versus plastic. Others prefer having a straw versus a spout. If you’re on the go a lot make sure they have good carrying handles on them. Buy at least four 22 oz bottles and be sure they are BPA free if they are plastic. It needs to be enjoyable and natural for you.
  • First thing in the morning fill all four bottles with clean, pure ideally either alkaline or fresh spring water. Segregate your day into 3-4 hour intervals. If you bought plastic bottles you can write on them with a permanent marker (Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Evening). It’s even helpful to place a half way mark on your bottles if they have none. Be creative and loving your process to a healthy, hydrated body will inspire you.

    Cut up lemons and limes in a mason jar of water

    Adding lemons and limes can add some excitement to your water detox

  • Always keep a filled bottle at bedside. I encourage you to drink at least half a bottle first thing in the morning before you even get up. This starts your body off right, getting your fluids moving from sleeping. If you’re working on weight loss it also makes you less hungry to drink at least 8 oz of water before every meal.
  • To flavor your water, get some fresh lemons, limes, oranges or cucumbers it just takes a few slices to excite your taste buds. If you’re craving something sweet toss in a few fresh berries into your water during the day or even a sprig of mint.
  • When eating out consider bringing your own water, ordering bottled water or as a last resort order water with a slice of lemon. Avoid sodas!
  • Invest in a water filtering system. I personally use an alkaline balanced water so I have invested in a water filtration system that’s capable of connecting to any faucet and gives me clean PH balanced water on demand. Although not alkaline, if you need a low cost method I would recommend a Brita water pitcher for under $30.


Now you can see the significant importance of hydrating our bodies consistently with pure, healthy water to help us detox our systems and feel awesome!

Enjoy adding more water to your life and detoxing!


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Author: Lisa Hosmer

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