Toxins, Toxins and More Toxins: They’re Everywhere!

Detox your body and your body will love you more!

Detox your body and your body will love you more!

I’m going to share with you the many ways you can detox your body. There is no getting around toxins in the industrial 21st Century. So the question is, how do we keep our body free of toxins that affect our overall health, immunity, energy, memory and even our life expectancy?  For more on how toxins affect us go to: Link for one of our other articles.

The bad news is that we can’t get away from them.  But the good news is that with awareness and focus we can keep our bodies clean and pure therefore, enjoy optimal health.  Let me explain.

Now it does get a little tricky but follow along and you will be on your way to a body that is more healthy and vibrant than you could ever imagine. I will warn you that some of what I will be sharing with you is not necessarily corroborated by traditional allopathic medicine.  Just take a deep breath and follow along.

You’ve no doubt know about some of the toxins that we come in contact with daily. There’s air pollution, water pollution, dirty electricity, radio waves, Bluetooth, radiation from wireless internet, x-rays ,mercury exposure, not to mention pesticides, GMOs  and other chemicals in our food. The list goes on and on.

These are all the obvious toxins that directly affect our physical bodies. But there are other kinds of toxins that affect our mental state and our emotional state such as stress, upset and fear, just to mention a few. I’ll call these energetic toxins. We know that what we think and therefore what we feel, can have a long term effect on the body because over time they take so much energy or life force to maneuver through, that the body starts to break down.  They are the silent, under the radar destroyers of our health, good humor and well-being.

Stress is everywhere. You can’t live without being exposed to stress. The key is how you deal with the stress so it does not affect your body. The same goes for FEAR (False Evidence About Reality). Whether fear is real or not, it sure feels real and the body interprets it as real and that is what causes the physical changes to the body. More on this later.

In discussing the topic of “Ways to Detox the Body” we have to breakdown the type of toxin and discuss how to detox the body from the particular threat caused by the kind of toxin we are dealing with.

I break these into four categories and each one has a specific method of cleansing and detoxing and preventing toxins from harming the body.

Physical Toxins

The first type of toxins we will examine are Physical Toxins the ones that we ingest into our body. This includes all of the pesticides, chemicals, GMO produced foods and processed foods that we encounter on a daily basis. This is a very broad subject so I will summarize some of the more important techniques. For more detail information go to Insert Link Here

Here are many ways to remove these toxins:

  • To consistently provide the body with pure, organic, non GMO foods that are toxin free (non-processed and natural)  and which are nutrient packed “SuperFoods.” These will give the body the energy it needs  to heal itself, regulate its metabolism and eliminate harmful toxins from the body.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.  This means ½ ounce of pure, clean, spring or filtered water for each pound of your body weight.
  • Exercise consistently (at least 3-4 times a week) to get the metabolism and lymph system pumping out the toxins.
  • Get plenty of sleep (ideally at least 8 hours per night) so the body can rejuvenate and have the energy to heal itself.
  • AVOID sugar and sugar substitutes.
  • Flush toxins out of the body by using an infrared sauna on a regular basis.  This will have many benefits.
  • Do regular cleanses to keep the body fresh, especially at the beginning of each new season.

Environmental Toxins

The Second type of toxins are Environmental Toxins which we are constantly surrounded with.  As best you can, avoid heavy industrial smoke, smog, cigarette smoke, the inhalation of cleaning materials and pesticides.  This requires vigilance and an awareness of all of the things that you are in contact.

It’s best not to live in a congested city and if you can’t, at least don’t go walking or jogging next to a highway or freeway. I know that advising you not to live in a city may be a little radical, so if you do or you must, do regular toxin flushes and cleanses discussed in the previous section.

Now for the not so obvious environmental toxins like dirty electricity, (Provide link)   which is present in the electrical wires of the walls where we live and work.  What is great is there are filters that are made to absorb the dirty electricity.  These Stetzer filters can be found here ( INSERT LINK. Remove compact fluorescent’s which have now been required in many areas to save energy and do not place them directly overhead. You can replace them with full spectrum lights which are much healthier.

NEVER USE BLUETOOTH or a Bluetooth headset. Avoid, if possible, wireless internet and use a dedicated land-line.  And then there’s the cell phone, which emits unhealthy radiation.  Do not put it up to your ear and always use a speakerphone keeping the phone a good distance from your head.

A full list of these kinds of energetic toxins is beyond the scope of this article. If this is of interest to you, check out and avoid other energetic environmental toxins (like living under high capacity electrical lines).


The Third kind of toxins are MENTAL TOXINS, which we create by what we think about, usually on an unconscious level. It’s the persistent voice that lives in our head often projecting negative thoughts, judgments and inner conflict that produces stress, fear or even rage. These thoughts, if left unchecked, become like a cancer in our body and create havoc in the body.

The solution is to change your Mindset, which in and of itself is very complex and beyond the scope of this article.  Suffice it to say that whatever you think about on a regular basis you will create in your life and this may not be an ideal outcome for you.  I suggest you check out  a great program created by my wife Esateys, co- founder of the Ultimate Results Academy,, called the Mindset Breakthrough System (add Link)


Lastly, EMOTIONAL TOXINS are caused by our thoughts which have festered and produced false versions of what really happened or severe resistance to what did happen. These experiences come in the form of things that were very traumatic, (like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), programs and beliefs that we have acquired from our parents, teachers and society and which we have taken on as our own programs and beliefs.  All of these live in the subconscious and come out without us even knowing it. The result can be fear, trauma, dread, anger and rage. Just like the mental toxins discussed above, if left unchecked they will cause much distress to the body, your state of mind and sense of well being.

Dealing with emotional toxins and deeply embedded feelings is a complex issue and in most cases you would be best to consult with a psychologist or other health professional for treatment. Personally, I have used a technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique and sometimes referred to as Tapping.  It is a simple, yet highly effective technique that can be easily learned and has helped me so much. Check out for more information.


Well we’ve come a long way. I have given you a great foundation to explore the benefits and various techniques that are available to you to heal your body, mind and spirit by cleansing your body and experiencing more vibrant health.

Loving your body to better health through detoxification!

Loving your body to better health through detoxification!


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Author: Rafael Stuchiner

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