Detoxification is a practice that has been around for a while now. Celebrities have been indulging in it to lose weight and enjoy awesome summer bodies. But, exactly what is a detox? Detoxification is a natural process that neutralizes, converts and eliminates toxins or unwanted material from the body. A detox, is a form of alternative medical treatment aiming to eliminate toxins and built-up substances from the body.

What is a Detox?

A detox is a process in which an individual abstains or indulges in certain foods, or goes through a procedure to eliminate unhealthy or toxic substances in a specified time period. It is believed that when toxins build up within your body faster than they are being eliminated, body damage can result leading to disease. 

Healthy detoxes are those that restrict high-fat, processed, sugary foods substituting them with whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Other detoxes can involve fasting, dieting, or colon cleansing. Detoxes can be carried out via electrical, herbal, or electromagnetic treatments. Detox therapies include detoxification foot pads, body cleansing, water fasting, and metabolic therapy.

Detox diets are diet plans believed to provide detoxifying effects. These diets involve the elimination of specific foods, irritants or processed food from your diet, or the intake of restricted kinds of foods such as juice and water. Detox diets are higher in fiber than others. This causes your body to burn stored fats, discharging toxins to the blood which are eliminated through your breath, urine, skin, and feces. 

How to Differentiate Cleanses and Detoxes

A Detox

Having addressed “what is a detox”, you are probably wondering how it differs from a cleanse. The purpose of a detox is to boost your body’s detoxification routes by assisting and smoothening the release of toxins out of fat cell storage. It also removes negative side effects resulting from food additives and pesticides in your body.

Healthy detoxes integrate lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, therapeutic sweating and herbal supplements. A detox program also eliminates environmental pollutants such as cleaning chemicals, beauty products, and excess hormones such as estrogen and cortisol which need to be balanced in your body.

A detox is recommended at least once or twice a year. That’s because the toxins and stress your body is exposed to, in the environment and home can weigh it down. A detox program can also be recommended after excessive alcohol consumption, chronic exposure to pesticides, buildup of xenoestrogens or heavy metals, and particular medications.

A Cleanse

The aim of a health cleanse, such as the best body cleansing diet, is to flush the digestive tract from toxins, parasites and undigested food particles. It is considered a gentler way to release toxins by delivering nourishment to your body. For example, a complete protein food helps you stabilize blood-sugar levels leading the body to a condition of deep cleansing and healing.

A standard cleanse eliminates the main foods triggering food sensitivity, allergies, and digestive distress. Following an easy cleanse based on whole foods excluding trigger foods, ensures you don’t starve and do not need to calorie count rigidly. An example of a traditional cleanse is Kitchari, an ancient Ayurvedic cleanse.

Both cleanses and detoxes focus on optimizing your body’s natural detoxification systems. They decrease toxin levels in the body. They simultaneously supply the body’s elimination and detoxification systems with the particular nutrients required to function optimally.

When Not To Detox

Even though a detox is good for you, there are specific instances when you are not supposed to detox. A detox is not recommended in any of the following occasions. If you:

  1. Are breastfeeding or pregnant
  2. Have liver or kidney disease
  3. Are suffering from cancer
  4. Have Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)
  5. Have diabetes

A Body Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss

A single best body cleansing diet for everyone does not exist. This is because people are different, what works for you may not be best for another. A good way of identifying what works is to let your body guide you. Check the areas where you are currently experiencing problems and find out which detox is likely to address this. A body detox cleanse for weight loss works in these ways.

  • Healthy detoxes use fruits and vegetables, which are natural and good for your body. This makes them easier to digest, reduces the consumption of unhealthy foods and nourishes your body. 
  • Detoxes encourage a lifestyle change which may include light exercises and calorie counting. These two combined with dietary alterations will help you lose weight.
  • Detox programs help you to get rid of water weight and any other body waste present which is believed to increase your weight.
  • Cleanses and detoxes nourish your body systems helping them function optimally. This can actually boost your slow metabolism naturally and help you lose weight by expending more energy.
  • Detoxing boosts your liver and colon functions tremendously. Because these organs are essential in food processing, optimizing their function can result in weight loss.
  • A detox encourages healthier eating behavior and helps you replace unhealthy food, habits with healthy ones.

Though a body detox cleanse for weight loss works, it’s important to note that the weight loss may not be permanent. Implementing a detox to lose weight will not benefit you in the long term because your body is not receiving all the nutrients required. Detoxes should form only part of your weight loss program to enhance the possibility of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

The Right Time to Detox

Traditionally, the optimum seasons to detox are during spring and autumn. The traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes spring is the best time to detox the liver because it is a time of renewal. TCM states that your liver energy (Qi) is naturally rising in spring which enhances the detoxification process. Autumn is perfect timing for a cleanse because the season is linked to the large intestine.

The best body cleansing diet may not guide you on the best time to detox. The frequency and timing is individualized and related to your intuition. If you listen keenly, your body will inform you what you need and when you need it.

Having known “what is a detox”, the best time for one and how it can help you lose weight, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you tried it?


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Author: Self Healing Institute

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