What is Spiritual Detoxification?

A detox is a process of eliminating substances and toxins that have built up within your body resulting in better health. Your soul occasionally needs detoxing just like your body. This is because in the current world, it has become quite easy to partake of spiritual junk. The media, people around us and books are among some sources of spiritual junk. A full detox of your life is incomplete without physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification.

Preparing for a Spiritual Detox – Assessment

Toxic behavior, attitudes and negative influences that you have allowed into your life may be poisoning your soul without your knowledge. As much as you try, it can be impossible to avoid spiritual junk because the world is full of it. The best way to overcome it is through spiritual detoxing.

An example of spiritual poison you may be consuming includes social media addiction, spending all your time on tabloids, or binge-watching movies. Indulging excessively in these activities is hazardous and toxic to your soul.

Negative energy that you encounter daily builds up within your soul, it can lead to discomfort, lack of sleep and bad dreams. Energy typically accumulates within your body over time. If not cleared out, the build-up continues until your spirit is overpowered. Because your body is interconnected, spiritual detoxing will lead to cleansing your mind body and spirit.

10 Signs You Need Spiritual Detoxification

Your physical body, energy level and state of mind, can help you determine whether you need spiritual detoxification. If you feel disconnected and generally off, your energy may be low and you need a way to counter this. If you are wondering if you really need a spiritual detox, here are a few signs to help you determine if you do. You…

  • Gain pleasure when something negative happens to others
  • Cannot stand people around you being happy
  • Have become numb, emotionless and live in denial
  • Are suffering from insomnia and keep having bad dreams
  • Have distanced yourself from anything spiritual such as prayer and meditation
  • Are always bored and consider yourself a victim most of the time
  • Are stuck, unmotivated, lack direction in life and have no zeal for life
  • Live with regrets, guilt and are burdened with resentment
  • Are always seeking the negative and hang on to past baggage
  • Have become sarcastic, have plenty of pent-up emotions and your friends can’t stand you

8 Benefits of Spiritual Detoxification

A spiritual detox will result in cleansing your mind, body and spirit as well. This means the benefits will spread through to your physical and emotional aspects of life. Spiritual detox:

  • What is spiritual detoxification
    Raises your energy vibrations, vital force and aligns you to your true self
  • Rejuvenates your mind giving you a clear direction in life
  • Gets rid of negative energy and influences
  • Leads to an intense spiritual connection which may prolong your life
  • Brings you in tune with the Universal energy, heightening your intuition
  • Leads to greater peace, love and light helping you make better choices in your life
  • Causes harmony which results in physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Leads to deeper spiritual consciousness and a sense of awareness

5 Ways to have a Spiritual Detox

There are several ways in which you can begin to detox your life, getting rid of toxins that have weighed you down. Here are some activities to engage in that can help:

1. Practice Positivity At All Times

Currently, the world is full of negativity everywhere you turn. Choose to remain unaffected by it. Instead deliberately seek to be positive. Separate yourself from anything negative, decrease reading newspapers, reduce the time you spend on radio, switch off the TV more. Surround yourself with inspiring messages, music and positive people who will impact constructively on your life. Read good books, enjoy uplifting podcasts and watch videos that build you up.

What is spiritual detoxification
2. Get in Touch With Nature

Mother Nature is endowed with the power to lift your spirits, raise your vibration and cleanse you. Relating with nature doesn’t have to mean going to special places. Start by appreciating what is around you. To detox your life, start by enjoying a walk around your neighborhood, go to the park or simply allow yourself to focus on nature where you are.  Disconnect from electronics, take in the smells, sights and simply enjoy the numerous benefits of nature.

3. Make Time for Meditation

Knowing what spiritual detoxification may not be enough, applying it is essential. A sure way to retune your energy, raise your vibration and soothe your soul is to empty and still your mind. Meditation also helps you get rid of spiritual junk quickly and quietly. If you have no meditation practice, you are doing yourself an injustice. Allocate time in your schedule to be spent meditating. Essential oils with relaxing scents are great for inducing vibration shifts before and during meditation.

4. Go on a Physical Detox

It is essential to remember that your spirit, body and mind are all interconnected. What affects one directly or indirectly affects the others. If you are spiritually emotionally off balance, there is a probability this will affect your physical body as well. Since detoxification is a process of ridding the body of toxins and unwanted substances. A good way to detox your life begins with your physical body. Stay hydrated, eat healthy and physically detox when necessary.

5. Clean and De-clutter

It is a fact that immediate surroundings directly affect your state of being. If you have been feeling sluggish, unhappy or out of sorts, engage in some cleaning. Vacuum your living room, scrub the kitchen, empty the trash and do some laundry. Put things you don’t need in storage, and de-clutter as much as you can because this will enhance your environment’s vibration. After this intense cleanup, go ahead and clear the energy using a candle, essential oil, incenses or white sage.

If you desire a healthy and functional relationship with God, a spiritual detox is a necessity.   Knowledge of what is spiritual detoxification is incomplete without practice. Get going today with these 5 steps and help your body rediscover its true self.


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Author: Self Healing Institute

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