I am sure you have heard of hydrotherapy especially since it has been a hot topic for quite a while.

So, what exactly is hydrotherapy? And what has made it so popular?  What is so great about it?

As the name suggests, hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment method using water. This technique is used to treat burns, to relieve pain, to enhance the immune system and to stimulate blood circulation among other things.

It has been around since as far back as 4500 B.C.  People of ancient times have used water baths as a way to treat patients and to keep themselves safe from diseases.

How does it work?

Modern hydrotherapy methods use hot or cold water or water in the form of steam or ice. Each form is used for a specific purpose. For example, hot water is known for its soothing and relaxing effects on the body. So, when your muscles are tired and aching, a hot water bath or even letting the hot water from your shower run on your ailing part would be recommended to you.

In the same way, cold water allows your body’s metabolic functions to become faster. Cold water can thus be used to increase blood circulation and reduce the pain sensitivity of the body. Steam can be used to carry essential oils and minerals to heal or refresh the respiratory system. On the other hand, ice is helpful in reducing inflammation.

Using the natural properties of water with different complex techniques have been developed to cure many diseases. You can get these therapies from spas and saunas and other such places, as these are not conventional treatment methods.

Which diseases are supported through Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is used to increase internal activity of the body, and that can help many diseases. For example, it is used to treat acne, depression, stress, stomach problems, and nerve problems.

It is also used to reduce pain. This allows us to use hydrotherapy to help arthritis, joint and muscle problems and even the common cold.

It is also used for cleansing purposes. It is widely used for colon cleansing and this, in fact, is the most common use of hydrotherapy.

What are the necessary Precautions you need to take?

Like any other treatment method, hydrotherapy comes with its risks. So, always let your doctor know if you are planning to take this alternative treatment beforehand. Some things to keep in mind while thinking about hydrotherapy are:

People with frostbite or other similar conditions that impair nerve endings should avoid hydrotherapy.

Showering is a better option under any circumstances. Baths can become infected with bacteria easily and promote infections.

Some essential oils can harm pregnant women and people with certain conditions. For them, hydrotherapy may prove to worsen the condition if using any oils.

Oils like cinnamon leaf and lemon can irritate the skin when used in high concentration.

Colonic irrigation should only be practiced under the supervision of an experienced doctor. In fact, pregnant women should avoid it completely.

If you have any damaged tissue, never take a water bath. It could spread infection and damage more tissues. Opt for selective shower treatment instead.

Is Hydrotherapy safe to use?

Yes absolutely! Water has only positive effects on the human body. It is the natural way. Our body normally reacts to water positively and only becomes relaxed and fresh.

Most people using hydrotherapy have no complaints about it. Although, depending on your medical history, your body may respond with A different intensity to water. Just to avoid any complications, you should always discuss your medical history with your Health Practitioner.

More about colon hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy or sometimes called colon cleansing has become increasingly popular in the past decade. This requires more explanation than other methods of treatment.

This is basically a cleansing procedure which removes nonspecific toxins from the colon and the associated tract. This is done in two ways.

The first way is to make use of water jets. Water mixed with certain herbs and other liquids are injected into the colon through the rectum.The other way is to use dietary fibers or their supplements, herbs and laxatives to ease the colon and remove toxins. This comes under oral cleansing techniques.

Colon therapy is quite a debatable topic. Although, it was believed in the ancient times that colon is dirty and may be infected if not cleaned properly no scientific evidence to date has been found to verify it. The natural way of cleansing is sufficient. You can quite possibly end up damaging the rectum using this therapy.

Colonics can also deplete the colon of the essential minerals and bacteria from the colon. If you do colonics, it is important to replace these at the time of the procedure.  This is usually done through a bolus of the minerals and good bacteria inserted into the rectum and sometimes up into the colon itself.

Hydrotherapy and Arthritis
Hydrotherapy noodles

This is different from normal physiotherapy methods. In this method of treatment, you do some physical exercises while immersed in water. The water is kept warm at temperature of 92 – 98 degrees.

These exercises consist of slow careful movements and relaxations that help you increase your range of movement or strength. These are performed under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist.

Hydrotherapy is becoming more widely used these days. In fact, dog hydrotherapy methods have also been introduced! But a general advice would be to consult your doctor before trying this method. Although water itself is a harmless gift of nature and it poses no severe threats, the temperature of the water and what you do in the water is to be suggested by a professional.

Many years ago, I personally had colonics (colon hydrotherapy).  At the time I felt they would be helpful to clean out my colon.

Today I feel that using a good oral colon cleanse is effective and my personal preference. When I experienced the colon hydrotherapy I did not know about replacing the minerals and probiotics (good bacteria).

Therefore, I became weak and felt depleted.  I also have learned through other people that have come to me with reports that they felt traumatized by the procedure.  NOT EVERYONE HAS THIS EXPERIENCE.  I did have some say they loved them and felt cleaner and brighter afterwards.

Do your research and ask a Practitioner (not someone who does them), if Colon Hydrotherapy is right for you.

In my experience, with the correct supervision and support there are many great results with Hydrotherapy.  I once had a patient/client who was in acute and severe kidney failure.  She was very swollen, pale and was unable to walk without direct assistance.

I knew she was critical and we were located very far away from a hospital.  With the help of others we put her in ice water (literally water with ice in it) for several moments then immediately switched her to a bathtub that was filled with very warm/hot water.  We did this several times in attempt to shock her kidneys back into functioning.  Fortunately, it worked and she regained strength and color.  We had her stable enough to transport her to the hospital.  THIS EXTREME MEASURE IS NOT SOMETHING ANYONE SHOULD TRY ON THEIR OWN.

Always do what is best for you and if ever in doubt solicit the support and guidance of a great Health Practitioner.

If you have tried any form of hydrotherapy before, share your experiences below!

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