It’s not uncommon for women of all ages to find it hard to talk about their sexual health, their issues with intimacy, and how they feel about their body (especially their pelvic region). Many women, today, feel more confident with their bodies and more free to express themselves.

Despite the women who feel empowered and more confident, decades (and even centuries) of cultural norms and societal expectations, as well as personal issues, can make it difficult for women of all ages to have a good sense of pelvic wellness.

We will discuss yoni massage, as well as yoni mapping, so you can gain a better understanding of how it works and if it may benefit you as a woman.

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What Is Yoni Massage?

Before we even begin to discuss the technique behind this unique method of massage, you might be curious about the meaning of “yoni.” If you’ve heard about celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow, using yoni eggs, you might already be familiar with the word.

Yoni is a representation of female genitalia and a sign of reproductive power. The word yoni is Sanskrit for vagina; a loose translation is “a sacred space.” If you simply break it down, you may think that yoni massage is just a vaginal massage, but there are many facets to consider.

A massage in the pelvic region may stir up a mix of emotions and reactions from women. While one woman may be intrigued and willing to try it out, another may see it as a violation of the body. The yoni method of massage is not intended to be invasive or to bring sexual pleasure (although it may happen during the massage).

Many people mistake the massage method as solely helping a woman achieve a vaginal orgasm, but the intent is to help a woman find a healthy and happy connection to her pelvic region.

Despite engaging in sexual intercourse, having monthly periods, and giving birth, many women feel disconnected from their pelvic region, which may result in mental, emotional, and even physical issues.

Internal therapeutic pelvic massage (yoni massage) is also designed to help a woman gain trust and comfort with a partner as well as explore her sexuality in a safe, healthy, and comfortable way.

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What Is Yoni Mapping?

While there are many similarities between massage and yoni mapping, yoni mapping a type of therapy that is created and taught by Bonnie Bliss; it’s intended to understand the yoni method at all levels, not just the aspect of massage.

Yoni mapping is a holistic approach to pelvic wellness and is designed to teach others how to provide internal therapeutic pelvic massage to women of all ages and life experiences.

People who enroll in yoni mapping therapy courses can expect to spend six months of intensive training. Similar to other massage therapists, someone who performs internal therapeutic pelvic massage needs to have thorough training.

The yoni method is more than a physical massage, and for the therapy to be effective, women must make a mental and emotional connection to their pelvic region.

It’s important to note that when you go to a yoni mapping therapy session, it is not an alternative to medical care or treatment for mental health issues.

If you have reproductive health problems or concerns involving your mental health, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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Who Benefits From Yoni Massage?

While the massage method is beneficial to women who have had traumatic experiences, such as sexual assault, it can benefit any woman despite her age or views on sex and intimacy.

The massage technique is solely designed for women, but their sexual or life partners may also benefit from knowing how to do the perform the method or just understand how it works and what it does for the mind and body.

The massage technique may not be ideal for any woman who:

  • Is in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Has a history of miscarriages
  • Recently gave birth (it’s best to wait at least six weeks)
  • Had a recent abdominal or pelvic area surgery (wait at least six weeks)
  • Under the age of 18
  • Is currently working through trauma or other physical or mental health issues

If you are unsure if an internal therapeutic pelvic massage is for you, talk to a therapist and discuss the process as well as a little bit of your background.

What Happens During A Yoni Massage?

When you go for an internal therapeutic pelvic massage session, the room is set up similarly to if you were to have a regular massage. The massage therapist strives to create a space that feels comfortable, warm, and safe.

Before your therapist begins the massage, the two of you will probably discuss a few things that you can expect. The massage therapist will remain fully clothed, wear gloves when touching the pelvic region, and encourage you to communicate all of your concerns and feelings during the session.

Your therapist will also communicate with you during the massage. If you feel uncomfortable, experience pain, or have questions during your session; you are strongly encouraged to speak up. It’s your body, and you have the right to be in charge of setting boundaries.

Many newcomers to internal therapeutic pelvic massages are nervous and are worried that it will feel like a pelvic exam; others wonder why it needs to be an internal massage. The internal massage is much different than a pelvic exam that you might get at your annual checkup.

The internal massage is intended to have better access to ligaments and tendons that can only be reached from the inside. An internal massage may also relieve tension, restore alignment, and healing and overall balance within the pelvic floor muscles.

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How Many Yoni Massage Sessions Do You Need?

Similar to other massage therapy sessions, there’s no magic number for how many you should have. Some women feel positive results after one session, and others benefit from having another session. If you plan to have another session, it’s best to wait about three to six weeks from the first massage session.

Another reason why you may want to consider another session is that you’ll know what to expect and you might be more relaxed than how you felt during your first session.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Yoni Massage and Mapping

By now, you might have some other questions about yoni mapping and massage. Here are some frequently asked questions that other women have asked.

Can You Get A Massage During Your Period?

Getting an internal therapeutic pelvic message when you have your period is not recommended because it can be uncomfortable. If possible, it’s best to schedule a massage when you’re not menstruating.

Is Yoni Massage A Spiritual Journey?

Many massage therapists will agree that a pelvic massage may sound a bit “out there” and part of a spiritual quest. While some women feel a spiritual connection during their pelvic massage, you don’t need to be a spiritual person to get a massage.

You are likely to get more from the massage session if you are willing to be open to any feelings and emotions that might occur during the treatment.

Does Yoni Massage Heal Or Treat Health Problems?

A massage therapist, who specializes in pelvic massage, should never make claims about healing or treating any issues related to your physical or mental health. While you may experience some positive feelings in regards to your emotional, mental, and physical health, the massage therapy is designed for you to “connect” to your body and pelvic region.

How Should I Choose A Yoni Massage Therapist?

You’re not likely to find a pelvic massage therapist in the yellow pages, so you need need to scour the Internet or ask for recommendations in your community.

If you are “on the fence” about getting a massage or who you should choose to give you one, see if you can set up a meeting to talk with the massage therapist. Express your reservations, fears, and whatever else you’re feeling. If your questions can’t be answered or if you get an uncomfortable “vibe,” look for another therapist.

You may want to look for therapists who have extensive training and the certification to prove it. Their massage space should also be clean, relaxing, and feel like a safe space. Remember, you are not obligated to follow through with a massage or stick with a therapist if you feel uncomfortable, violated, or unsafe.

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Is Yoni Massage Safe?

There is not a lot of research or scientific information about pelvic massage, but many professionals say it’s safe. It’s important to have your massage done in a clean environment, and the massage therapist should wear gloves for hygiene.

If you have any concerns about the safety of the massage, talk with your gynecologist or doctor first.

How Much Does Yoni Massage Cost?

There’s no set cost for an internal pelvic massage, but you might spend anywhere between $100 and $300 for an hour session. If you sign up for a more intensive mapping therapy session, you can expect to pay a few hundreds of dollars more.

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What Is The Public Perception Of Yoni Massage?

Considering that women are often very hush-hush about their sexual and pelvic health, it’s no surprise that feedback from women who have had a pelvic massage (as well as information or research about it) is a bit limited.

When many women and men first hear about an internal pelvic massage, many perceive it as the equivalent of a “happy ending” for women while others think it’s creepy, disgusting, and borderline pornographic.

Women who have had a massage and decided to share their experience, have mostly positive things to say about yoni mapping and massage. While many women are initially nervous about having the massage and don’t know what to expect, others felt comfortable right away.

Some women were afraid that they would be “too turned on” or have no control over their body during the massage session, but found that they ended up feeling relaxed and better connected to their body. A few were surprised by how emotional they felt after the massage session.

Surprisingly, few reviewers discuss the price or think that the massage is overpriced. If anything, the majority of reviewers thought it was well worth the price for a unique experience.

Our Thoughts On Yoni Massage And Mapping

Yoni mapping and massage definitely seems like a legit and valuable service for women. Even though it’s hard to find a lot of solid research about the massage technique, many women may benefit from the massage technique.

If you’re interested in having an internal therapeutic pelvic massage, it’s best to do as much research as you can. Read articles by reviewers and any other information available from people who specialize in yoni mapping and massage.

You should never feel pressured to have a massage or to follow through with one. Remember, if you get a bad feeling from someone, the massage facility, or you have questions that are not answered, consider receiving a massage from another therapist.

Only receive a massage from someone who knows what they are doing and makes you feel comfortable. To stay safe and healthy during a pelvic massage, follow the recommendations that we listed earlier in regards to your physical and mental health.


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