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New Paradigm For Multidimensional Happiness

  Happiness is not difficult to achieve when happiness is within you. Power couple Esateys and Rafael Stuchiner engage in conversation on the new paradigms for multidimensional happiness. In this special episode, Esateys gives her advice on how we can expand our...

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Profound Love Without Attachment

  What is a profound love without attachment? When a person is more in a higher state of self-awareness or self-love, or they’re conscious about themselves and other people and their relationships, what occurs is they stop themselves before they go after someone....

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Do You Listen, Really Listen, To Your Partner?

  How present are you when your partner is speaking with you? Are you listening to their words and putting them in a place that makes sense to you? Today, we dive into the importance of listening to your partner. Communication is essential in every relationship,...

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Who is Esateys?

For over 30 Years Esateys has been Speaking, Teaching and Motivating a diverse clientele about navigating the confusion, self-doubt, and programs that keep them from achieving their full potential.

Her core teachings are universal and are easily adapted to creating a lasting solution for all different life issues.

Esateys is able to effectively speak to a wide range of individuals including corporate executives, parents, entrepreneurs, and healers.

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter: Top 10 Reviews

From peanut butter cookies to PB & J’s, peanut butter is a daily dietary staple for many people, young and old and almond butter is a delicious alternative. Learn more about almond butter vs. peanut butter and see some of the best brands to try. [amazon...

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Emotional Healing: 10 Tips And Guide

10 Tips for Emotional Healing Meta: Emotional healing is possible for anyone, no matter how deep the wound. Read our ten tips for emotional healing here. Emotional distress itself may be universal, but the ways we experience it are not. For some, it manifests as...

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How To Do Self Healing Meditation

​How To Do Self Healing MeditationMeditation has been used as a resource and tool for healing by humans for centuries. In addition to being a regular practice utilized by specific spiritual practices, Buddhists, and with a non-religious application, meditation has the...

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Quinoa Vs Rice: Which One Is Better?

Grains and other types of plants have been a significant source of nutrition for many different people around the world. When it comes to comparing quinoa to rice, it is essential to explore their unique structure, energy content, and the breakdown of nutrients and...

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How to Overcome Insomnia Naturally

Mary was 8 months pregnant and had trouble sleeping. Being her first pregnancy, she was finding the experience new and overwhelming. In the first trimester, she encountered sleep problems which went away. She had assumed this would pass too. If anything, sleep eluded...

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The Wonders of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Amara had always heard of hypnosis and every time she visualized it, a comic picture of someone waving a pendulum made her laugh. She didn’t really know much about it, never having bothered to research on it. Having recently graduated as an obstetrician, she had come...

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