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Waking Up With Esateys | #82 | Why Think Bigger?

We have a winner for our shares!  Nannette Cooper, yay!  I'm very excited and appreciative of you sharing my videos so much, and I appreciate all of you who do that.  So, Nannette, what I would like you to do is private message me your e-mail address and...

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Who is Esateys?

For over 30 Years Esateys has been Speaking, Teaching and Motivating a diverse clientele about navigating the confusion, self-doubt, and programs that keep them from achieving their full potential.

Her core teachings are universal and are easily adapted to creating a lasting solution for all different life issues.

Esateys is able to effectively speak to a wide range of individuals including corporate executives, parents, entrepreneurs, and healers.

Do You Have a Phobia?

What Phobia Disorders Are All About Mary was deathly afraid of spiders. Anytime she saw one or thought about it, she got paralyzed. She couldn’t talk, got very sweaty and sometimes would shake incredibly. She never knew it was a disorder and only assumed her reaction...

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